Proposal For Dr. Friedlander Contract Essay

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1. Expertise
With over 25 years in the field of special education Dr. Friedlander brings a unique perspective to the field of assistive technology. Through the lens of a Licensed and Certified School Psychologist, Dr. Friedlander has worked with many children who present with learning differences who have benefited from the use of assistive technology. Dr. Friedlander is presently an Associate Professor of Education at the College of St. Elizabeth where he teaches graduate level courses in assistive technology and coordinates the Graduate Programs in Special Education. Dr. Friedlander has authored numerous books, videos and informational material pertaining to the use of assistive technology in the classroom. Dr. Friedlander is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences on the topic of assistive technology and eLearning.
1.1. School Psychology
Certified School Psychologist in NY, NJ, & PA
1.2. Special Education
Associate Professor of Education and Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Special Education
1.3. Professional Development
Dr. Friedlander consults to a range of private and public schools in the area of assistive technology and provides professional development on the latest software applications in the field of assistive technology. Dr. Friedlander provides onsite training as well as training over the web.
1.4. Assistive Technology
Dr. Friedlander is well known for the work he does in the area of assistive technology and maintains a rich resource of information on educational as well as assistive technology on his AssistiveTek Blog.
1.4.1. Assistive Technology Evaluations
Dr. Friedlander under contract from the public schools performs Assistive Technology Evaluations. Additionally, Dr. Friedlander performs Assistive Technology Evaluation to students in his private practice.
1.4.2. Assistive Technology Consultation

2. Certification Process
Dr. Friedlander has been a school psychologist in the public schools and is aware of the internal processes of the Child Study Teams as well as that of Independent Evaluation Centers and can assist RFB&D in the Certification process for eligibility for the RFB&D Programs and Services.
2.1. Child Study Teams

2.2. Independent Evaluation Centers

3. Assistive Technology
Dr. Friedlander is immersed in the assistive technology field and has outstanding relationships with many of the leading publishers in the field.
3.1. Competitive Analysis
Dr. Friedlander often beta tests software for many companies in the educational technology marketplace which gives him a unique perspective to understand trends in the hardware and software marketplace. Given this, Dr. Friedlander can provide RFB&D with his insight and how RFB&D can best position itself in the educational marketplace.
3.2. Developments
Dr. Friedlander is in a unique position to give RFB&D the benefit of his experience when it comes to providing the organization with feedback about new developments that are...

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