Proposal For Entertainment Venues In Waldorf, Maryland

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Proposal for Entertainment Facilities in Waldorf, Maryland
If you blink, you’ll miss it. That’s how easily Waldorf, Maryland—a city of nearly twenty-six thousand residents ("Waldorf, Maryland") is driven through. There are many shopping centers and restaurants, as well as continuous construction to provide more of the same. This caters to the median age range of 32.8 ("Waldorf, Maryland"), however it does not provide for the needs of the city’s young adults. Growing up in Waldorf, I’ve experienced that beyond shopping, walking through neighborhoods, and taking in a movie; there is very little else offered here for those leaving or graduated from high school. There should be $12,000 allocated to building more entertainment facilities for Waldorf’s youth because this will increase city revenue and foster social growth as a way to revitalize the city and reduce juvenile delinquency.
I propose that there be a $12,000 stipend allocated to the building of entertainment facilities to deter young adults from criminal activities, and instead encourage them to participate in activities that would prevent this problem. This stipend would stem from revenue already included in Charles County property tax, which goes towards the maintenance of land and current businesses. I’ve chosen $12,000 to cover the starting costs to build at least three businesses to return revenue to the city: Dave & Buster’s, the YMCA, and a local skate park. According to the Charles County Government, it would cost $1,805 each for the application for growth ("Charles County Government" [2]). Additionally, it would cost $1,203 each for architectural and design planning of these businesses ("Charles County Government" [2]). Coupled with construction costs, and fees related to promotion, $12,000 from the city of Waldorf would be a respectable supplement. Revenue towards the city would increase immediately from the first fiscal year, provided from memberships, admission fees, and local production of promotional materials at copy shops and businesses already in existence. The income, direct job increase, and entertainment factor will surely bring more life to this otherwise neglected city, and possibly bring in new home owners as a result. There are other solutions to revitalizing Waldorf and embracing its youth, such as rebuilding the only theater in town, or allotting more money to the reconstruction of the other, few entertainment venues. However this would cost more than the efforts to bring in new businesses and would possibly lead to temporary job loss during reconstruction.
In the past, attempts have been made to produce entertainment outlets in Waldorf. Several examples of these attempts are Laugh Out Loud, My Brother’s Place, and the White Plains Skate Park. Laugh Out Loud was built in 2008, and is an adult version of Chuck E. Cheese. It is a locally owned business, and from their accord the owners have had financial trouble since the beginning ("LOL Stations About")....

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