Proposal For Marketing The Chautauqua Festival

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A.SummaryThis project launch is worth investing in because the Chautauqua Festival will indeed bring an enormous profit. It is a musical and entertainment event, which targets teenagers between the ages of 12-19 living in Peel Region and Toronto. When marketing this event, various techniques may be used. This includes television commercials, radio advertisements, flyers and internet websites. The total budget for this project will be $1,033,275.00, but will receive a profit of $1,966,725.00 (53%). The only limitation that exists is the Canadian Copyright Law. This problem has an easy solution though. All artists who have music played at the event will actually be giving a concert. In addition, with the events occurring throughout the building, security guards will be on stand-by for any problems that may arise. Therefore, if given the opportunity, Chautauqua Festival Incorporated will market this event in a way, which will bring success in capitalizing the musical and entertainment industry.
B.IntroductionDuring the 1920s, numerous companies saw that Chautauqua was profitable and therefore capitalized on the market. Originally, Chautauqua was important because it provided a way to stimulate thought and discuss important political, social and cultural issues. It brought this to rural communities where otherwise, people would have been uninformed. Not only did Chautauqua educate its gatherers, but also at this event, organizers displayed the latest plays whether local classics or Broadway, along with a variety of music ranging from glee clubs to metropolitan operas. A good example as one of the greatest companies to capitalize on this market was the Redpath Organization. In 1926, they reported that on average, a Chautauqua program cost between $500-$2000, depending on the attractions and length. In addition, they also showed that in the peaks of the 1920s, Chautauqua brought in as much as 30,000 people from 12,000 communities.
In 2006, Chautauqua can be innovated to become more specific and efficient. This report will analyze the spread of musical and entertainment influence not on rural, but suburban communities. In the last decade, the music and entertainment industry has proven to be exceptionally profitable, especially amongst adolescents. In communities such as Peel Region, where 22.2% (219,980) of the children are between the ages of 5-19 (The School Age) and in Toronto, where this same category is 20% (504,885), a clear market is evident. Out of these 724,865 children, roughly 50,000 are already in their teenaged years (12-19). Most people within this target area are middle class. This means their family income is approximately $80,000 a year. In addition, most teenagers also have part-time jobs. This is important to note because all information shows that more often, these youth are choosing to spend their money on musical and entertainment items such as CDs, special edition DVDs, mix tapes, movies featuring their favourite artist or groups...

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