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Proposal For Network Upgrades Essay

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It has been exciting to work with you as your company expands and to be a part of it. You have requested an upgrade to your existing network that will allow you to better manage and share data throughout your office. We have plenty of experience performing upgrades like this, and would like to present this proposal for your consideration.
While installing the network drive, we noticed a few areas where your network could be strengthened. We noted that the network is connected in a physical bus topology/configuration, where each computer is connected to the central trunk. Bus topology is a decent setup for very small networks, but for your growing company, we would ...view middle of the document...

Some disadvantages, however, are that it can be very difficult to pinpoint the broken connection in a network of your size, and it requires more reconfiguration when simply adding or removing a computer. We will upgrade your network to a star configuration. In this configuration, the computers on the network will connect to a central hub, which is then connected to your server. All of the network connections will now be in a centralized location, which will greatly simplify reconfiguration of the network and make troubleshooting any connection issues much easier. This will also allow systems to be added or removed without requiring reconfiguration of the network. Another advantage is that when there is a broken wire, only that one computer will be affected. This setup will require the addition of network hubs for centralizing the network connections. These hubs are similar to the routers you use to connect to the internet at home, but have many more Ethernet ports to support your larger network. The hubs will then connect to your server and will allow each computer to access your network storage and the internet. We will install three 24-port hubs together to give you 72 ports, which will be enough to connect your current computers and still have room to grow. Each hub will cost $150 for a total of $450.
In order to make these new connections, we will upgrade you from cat 3 wires to cat 5e wires. Cat 5e Ethernet wires can support speeds up to 1Gbps, which is one hundred times faster than cat 3. These different categories of wire may be visually similar, but electrically they are very different. The twisted pairs of wires in cat 5e wire have a higher twist rate, which reduces cross talk and electromagnetic interference (EMI). All of the computers we provided to you earlier already have the hardware required to support this faster speed; we will simply need to configure them to operate at 1Gbps. Due to the increased intricacy of the star configuration, there is a need for more wiring than the bus configuration you previously used. For the wiring that will run through walls and ceilings, we will use a shielded type of wire to further minimize the effects of EMI from adjacent power...

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