Proposal For Pandora Tomorrow Essay

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Proposal for Pandora Tomorrow

Dear MGM Studios

I have chosen to make the best selling Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
books/games into my film project, in which I as the director will
faithfully recreate the books characters and likenesses.

The reasons why I have chosen the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell brand out
of many others are because of their realistic intrigue and the books
hardcore approach to modern day warfare.

The story begins when it is the year 2004 and the CIA has lost contact
with two of their operatives monitoring unusual activity in the former
Soviet Republic of Georgia. There has become a rising terrorist
movement, the CIA and the National Security Agency call on Third
Echelon, a secret agency that deploys Splinter Cells. While the books
concentrate on multiple characters I have chosen to base my film on
one and that character is Sam Fisher.

Sam Fisher, an ex-CIA, ex-Navy SEAL who's called into service at the
request of the National Security Agency. The NSA has commissioned a
new sub-agency called Third Echelon to gather intelligence in the
colder, harsher political landscape of 2004. Third Echelon has the
liberty to deploy Splinter Cells, such as Sam highly trained
operatives who are granted the "Fifth Freedom" to do whatever it takes
to protect the country. The downside is that if Sam's ever caught
doing dirt, the US government will deny any knowledge of his
existence. Sam must remain as hidden as possible, his main objective
over all is to remain silent and complete tasks without the use of
unnecessary force or violence.

Sam is such an interesting enigma of a character and always keeps
himself to himself. This is why I think the modern day audiences will
adapt to this new breed of stealth assassin not the old stereotypical
James Bond sort of person but a rugged individual ready for action.

By making my film I wish to get rid of the stereotypical issues
associated with espionage and action adventure films. The idea of a
James Bond type hero is ludicrous in the real world and I want to make
Sam appear as more of a real authentic veteran. Rather than a ladies
man who seemingly escapes near death all the time. Recently action
films have glorified the violence and hyped the heroes in an
unrealistic way. I feel I can change all this and create a realistic
action packed film for audiences of all ages. I will show in the films
Sam taking on a terrorist organisation known simply as Kh3l4, they are
a ruthless band of Indian businessman and political figures plotting
to take over the corporate world and are becoming a dangerous force
over the world. There is one man the American government have chosen
to rid the world of these bandits and that is Sam Fisher.

To add to all this I assure you the film will make huge profits and
with the success of the books and...

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