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Riordan Manufacturing Chief Operations Officer Hugh McCauley has sent a service request to seek help in three specific areas of company operations. First, requesting suggested system changes to improve inventory and manufacturing process. Secondly, requesting suggested computer changes to improve efficiency and thirdly, requesting a defined system to be presented to the IT department. In attempting to meet the request criteria the research team of “Three Guys and Three Gals” has been brought on board. The team has completed a current system review and has developed a plan for implementation to met or exceed the requested proposal.
Current OperationsRiordan Manufacturing is a leading industry in plastic injection molding. Over all this company employees 550 people and have state of the art design capabilities creating innovative plastic designs that are international acclaimed. The product list of Riordan includes but is not limited to custom plastic parts, plastic beverage containers, medical stints, heart valves, and plastic fan parts of all sizes. Riordan shows great pride in their attention to detail and on time shipping. In order for Riordan Manufacturing to keep up with company policy of total customer satisfaction in terms of meeting committed ship dates. The high demand of on time shipments they stock a safe amount of raw materials as to not run low and cause delays. The raw materials are received in the receiving area of each plant, delivered by truck. A great deal of manpower goes into receiving these materials. The list of employees needed to check in a load of raw materials is long. The receiving supervisor checks the amount of raw materials being delivered and unloaded. A group of warehouse personal physically unloads the raw materials for the trucks. At the end of the day the receiving supervisor gives the materials list to the inventory clerk to upload the information into inventory system. The steps are basically the same for out going merchandise and double for inventory. With a growing company of this magnitude a new system has to be introduced to save on time, money and mistakes. Our team has chosen the Albany facility to run our test pilot. The Albany facility has 45 employees and is primarily responsible for production of plastic bottles. The Albany plant was chosen to be a test subject for various reasons, some of which are due to size and product. At this time Albany is our smallest facility and it does not produce a life threatening product.
Initial Review Results and SuggestionsAfter reviewing Riordan’s receiving department a few issues could be changed to help increase the department’s efficiency in processing all the products coming in. First suggested change should be requiring all the boxed items coming in to the receiving docks to be identified by a bar code tag on the outside of the box.
When people are unloading the trucks each box can be scanned and so the information can be seen by all the managers in real-time. ...

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