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Proposal For Vietnam News E Express

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This project proposed to develop a web design application for Vietnam News Magazine in Ho Chi Minh. With the higher demand for information of many people all over the world, the transporting newspaper by post office is inconvenience so establishing an e-express is a very necessary and significant job. This e-express will include enough the information of policy, economic, and sport events of Vietnam and other countries.

As Vietnam News required an e-express that includes a project design, cost analysis, and administration and maintenance plan. The engineering consultant of FPT Company will be completed in March 15, 2004.

Project Description

Many years ago Vietnamese were not familiar with ...view middle of the document...

Project Goal

This project is developed to offer readers a new and modern kind of newspaper. It helps Vietnam News Magazine and readers to save money and update information quickly. The plan will include web site and interface design, application structure, future web development planning, domain name research, and cost analysis.
We're very proud of our creations and fully understand the importance of planning each stage. We want all visitors to your site to have a strong first impression of your business, and we fully understand that strong first impressions can be short-lived if the internal workings of your web site fall short of the user's needs and expectations.

Scope of the Project

This project will include a project design, cost analysis, and administration and maintenance plan.

Plan of the Proposed Work

Task ID
        Task Name
        Collecting and Analyzing necessary information
        4 weeks
        Designing Database and Interface
        2 weeks
        Developing and Documenting the project
        2 weeks
        Testing and Evaluating the project
        2 weeks
        Finalizing and Deploying the project
        2 weeks

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Collecting and Analyzing Necessary Information: We will take a survey to collect reader ideas about the e-express. The research will show us how people think of an e-express as well as what they need when an e-express has. We can base on this information to design the information system and database. Since this is the most important...

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