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Proposal To Help Set Goals For The Sc Company

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The skilled assembly workers at Sparks and Crash (SC) are having a difficult time producing enough components to cover demand. After investigation, the company stated they do not want to hire more workers; however, the workers they currently employ are slow. Furthermore, there is a lack of defined goals and feedback about worker performance. In addition, the workers complain about the noise in the workspace and the overcrowding. Moreover, the workers are worried about their jobs and feel they are "just trying to do the best they can."

This proposal is to help set goals for the workers at SC Company. Locke and Latham (2002), define goals as an object or aim of an action. The following theories are to address the problems at the SC Company. The notion is once there is collaboration between management and their workers, employee performance may enhance. In addition, implementing the next three theories may further increase employee productivity and satisfaction. Furthermore, these next theories postulate self-regulation, motivation, and goals if implemented properly these theories can positively affect the SC Company.
Carver and Scheier (1982) define self-regulation as behavior regulated through a discrepancy-reducing feedback loop. Caver and Scheier (1982) provide the following steps for their theory. These steps enhance ones success in reaching their desired behaviors. First, an individual should have a clear understanding of the behaviors they want to change. Second, an individual has to find the baseline of where their behaviors are currently. This baseline will give a point of reference for later measurement. Third, individuals’ can take action. An individual sets forth action if there is a discrepancy. Discrepancies decrease the chances of the desired behaviors. Lastly, in order for the individual to eliminate discrepancies they will use the (Test-Operate-Test-Exit (TOTE) Loop) method. Until the attainment of the desired behavior, the behavior is reevaluated through the TOTE method to eliminate discrepancies.

Ryan and Deci (2000) proposed a theory they call Self-Determination Theory (SDT), which discusses the motivation for self-regulation and behavior. This theory describes intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation as its basis. Intrinsic motivation is behavior that causes inherent satisfaction for oneself. This is a natural motivation to change, attain, and improve oneself. Extrinsic motivation is behavior based on external rewards or punishments.

Locke and Latham (2002), describes a goal as an objective to be reached. Locke and Latham (2002), state four functions should be in place to achieve a desired goal. The first is directive functioning which is doing activities that is going to accomplish the goal. Second, energizing functioning, which is making strides toward the set goal. Third, persistence functioning which, is obligating time for the set goal. Lastly, strategizing functioning, which is implementing relevant knowledge...

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