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In the past fifty years the economy of the United States has changed dramatically, whether it be the social or economic status. What can be said is that with the current recession that has taken place the lives of millions of Americans are being affected everyday. More jobs are being cut, and newer job opportunities are being taken away because of insufficient funds or lack of education. What I am planning to propose is a budget that will drastically change the way the economy has been looked upon in the last century. More so I plan to introduce a way to fit a newer form of a capitalist economy into the government system, mainly to increase the percentage of American work force between seventy-five percent to eighty-five percent to preserve better living conditions.
First thing that has to be looked upon when we think of unemployment are the unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits can be described as a back door for employees in the situation that they lose their jobs. The unemployment benefits provides temporary financial assistance to eligible workers who are unemployed through no fault of his/her own. Under this, each state administers a separate insurance program to provide financial service to those qualified under state law. In order to meet these requirements an employee must have a base period, or wages earned during a certain time. The base period is usually the first four out of all five calendar quarters prior to the time a file is claimed. Now there are two ways of filing a claim. One is filing a claim in the state that one resides in. the other would be to file a claim in a non-residential state.
Shortly after two to three weeks of filing a claim, an unemployed worker should receive their first benefit check. Some of the problems that lie under this process is that, one, the unemployment programs in the United states are run through state programs rather than a nation program; and two, when filing a claim, many residents file claims for states they do not reside in. what I propose to be done is to create a law that takes immediate affect with the many key aspects.
Some key aspects containing the following: step 1, the first task to be completed is to unify the unemployment programs of all fifty states. This is due to the fact that each state runs a different period of time for filing unemployment and that creates too much work for the federal government, having to process many unemployment files through random periods of time in the Federal system; step 2, the second task would be to create a new branch for unemployed workers that return to the work force. This revolves around people who reside in one state and work in another. This proposition allows those workers to transfer from their current state of work to the state they reside in. This way the U.S. system runs more efficient when going through unemployment file claims without the hassle of creating separate categories for those that...

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