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As long as it has been in existence, society has always been fractured into social classes, the very rich and the very poor. I see within our society the chasm growing by the year. The proletariat, boxed into cramped houses, while the bourgeoisie reside in mansions that jut up towards the sky touching the clouds. The rich, who control mostly everything in todays age, capitalize on those less fortunate than themselves and bask in the ignorance of the lower class. It is painful for myself to see the common worker, the average person, being taken advantage of and not even knowing his rights against such things.
A system should be implemented against such actions. A perfect system in which the less fortunate would have the equal opportunities as the rich. In fact a system, with no rich nor poor. A utopia within our great country where equality would reign highest. The social class, an outdated, archaic example of our predecessors ideas is a poorly thought out system. A society having levels of poverty, poor, and filth and then have levels of extravagance and disgusting displays of wealth. A society needs to have an equal balance, where none have more than the rest. Everyone is equal and should be the same in uniform with the next.
The proletariat, in slums or ghettos, with little to nothing to their names, depend on the nation to keep them afloat with all their children in tow. The continually puts a strain on the economy when all the families that rely on the welfare to keep them above destitution. This system would give them a way to live, a job, and a purpose in their otherwise useless lives. A way for these common folk to be of use to our country, to give back to themselves and community.
This is the perfect ideal for those who are less fortunate, or cannot fight to gain more from their social class. The need for money would be nonexistent, everyone would be given the materials they would need to live everyone given the same thing as the other. So no jealousy or envy would be held against another.
I have seen much of this great country and the poor, underpaid workers that slave for the wealthy with little no help, benefits, and the strain pressed upon them to do better in less hours. I have heard the angry cries of the worker who is not paid enough or given enough hours off. On the other end of the spectrum I have heard the workers cry out because of too many hours, the exhaustion that comes along with it. I have heard the cries of many and their synonymous yells for change. I feel my way of change is the best for everyone and in time every one will come to appreciate and love it.
So I propose we follow a great man finest...

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