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Proposed Evaluation Design Essay

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Planners of “NO body is perfect, but EVERY body is beautiful” have developed an evaluation design based from Model 3, in which quantitative results are used to illuminate predominately qualitative outcomes. Qualitative methods that would be used in the evaluation design include Delphi techniques, focus group interviewing and in-depth interviewing of the participants. Planners will use Delphi techniques to produce consensus through a series of questionnaires in order to determine a change in attitudes related to the definition of true beauty throughout the program intervention. Delphi techniques have advantages such as consistent participant contact, enhanced quality and quantity response, ...view middle of the document...

In this design, two schools will be randomly and confidentially assigned to experimental and control groups. The use of pretesting will be conducted with both schools in order to provide baseline data as well as ensure that both groups are moderately similar. Additionally, several measurements such as survey questionnaires and BMI measurements of health screenings will be taken over time throughout the program also post-testing will provide evidence of any changes in attitude that can be compared within the two groups. The major drawback to the use of this design is that intervention will be delayed for participants in the control group in order to provide comparative results to be analyzed against the experimental group. Program planners chose this specific evaluation design in order to thoroughly evaluate and provide evidence that the behavior changes were solely due to the program intervention. The time series design allows evaluators to detect any delayed changes, and the experimental and control groups allow randomization to defend and prove the program’s effectiveness.
Internal validity is known as the degree in which the behavior change that was measured within the priority populace can be credited to the program. There are a number of threats to the internal validity of the program that can be addressed by the evaluation design through the use of randomization within experimental and control groups. Maturation is a possible threat to internal validity due to adolescent developmental growth, however the use of the time series design will allow evaluators to analyze whether the cognitive growth arises from the effects of the program or from life experiences. Various forms of testing will be conducted in order to address the threat of familiarity of test format, as well as hold the interest of the...

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