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Mayor Mike Huether has proposed a ban on sales of fountain soft drinks in the city of Sioux Falls. The proposal would effectively end the sale of all fountain soft drinks larger than 24 ounces at all city regulated businesses including restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc. Much like the proposed soda ban set forth by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mayor Mike Huether's proposal has the intent of making Sioux Falls a healthier city. There are many people that believe a ban on 'oversized' soft drinks would be beneficial in the fight against obesity, while those who oppose such a legislation see it is an infringement of the people's rights. The people of Sioux Falls should not allow the Mayor's proposal to be passed as it will have little effect on the health of the city as well as strip the people of their freedom of choice.
The first and foremost problem with this proposal is that it will have little to no measurable effect on the city of Sioux Falls. The ban does not have the power to prevent citizens from buying more than one beverage, so there is nothing to stop an individual from buying two 20 ounce soft drinks and drinking both of them. This structural flaw would allow for individuals to effectively circumvent the soda ban. Essentially, the ban would be making a minor inconvenience for the citizens who have the intent of drinking more than 24 ounces of soft drink.
Seeing that the ban will have no measurable effect, the ban is likely just a ploy by the area public health officials to make it look like something is being done about the obesity epidemic. Art Carden discusses this idea of taking a stand for virtually no gain in his article “Soda Ban a Meaningless Gesture With Limited Effect.” Carden argues that chain restaurants such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell and KFC make easy targets because they are faceless companies that can be painted any way that...

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