Proposed Solutions To Solving America's Economic Crisis Legalize Marijuana And Re Evaluate Welfare Policies

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A crisis is a time when a difficult of important decision must be made according to the secondary definition of the term crisis in the dictionary. Personally I feel that this is the best definition in regards to the existing economic crisis the United States is currently undergoing. While there were many factors that have contributed to the foreclosure situation we are presently experiencing, I believe there are just as many solutions we could use to turn our economy around. In response to the recession we must as a country change the way we do some things to enhance the money flow.
Firstly we should work to legalize marijuana, not because all drugs should be legalized but simply because it cannot be equally associated with harder drugs. I think marijuana is considered gateway drug because it is constantly being associated with these harder, but equally as illegal, substances. When a person tries it for the first time after growing up hearing how terrible drugs are, they find that the effects of it are mild. Then, thinking this will be a similar theme throughout drug use, they try more and more things realizing this is not the case. If marijuana were to be legalized this would eliminate this ‘gateway’ drug stigma. Marijuana is by far the largest imported crop into the United States. The government should tax it, regulate it, and sell it in approved ways. This will clear up space in the jail system because possession would no longer be a crime. This would save millions of taxpayers’ dollars each year. It would also reduce the crime rate. There would no longer be a need for illegal trafficking, importing, and selling marijuana. There would be considerably less drug related crimes because marijuana is the most common drug throughout the United States. This would allow for a very large amount of valuable money to be flowing through our economy. Methods can be used in order to monitor its use during driving and other dangerous activities just as has been done with alcohol.
Next we should put a percentage of that money earned from the legalization of marijuana toward removing the illegal immigrants. While they do appear to reduce costs for some business owners, such as construction companies, in the long term they are really much more harmful. The little money they earn is often sent back to their home countries and thus not spent on our home soil and able to cycle in our economy. Also, they are not paying taxes like the rest of the citizens, but still living and benefiting from all the things taxes allow. For example, if an illegal immigrant were to get injured they would not be refused care in a hospital. However, the taxpayers will still be responsible for covering the cost of the illegal immigrants health care. We are in turn losing money from them. A budget could be implemented to remove illegal immigrants from the United States. It would cost us in the beginning but would then open up tons of jobs for our citizens at minimum wage. That...

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