Proposed Solutions To The Foreclosure Crisis

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Foreclosure is a growing national disaster in the United States. Every time you tune in to your local news, there is a new family whose house is being foreclosed. Every time you ride around the neighborhood, there is another house up for sale. There are several solutions to this increasing trend including cutting government spending and cutting funds towards unsuccessful government programs, devising financial plans to assist families by setting up payment plans that they can afford, getting communities more involved, more stimulus packages, raising the taxes of the wealthy to lower rates, and easing the limits on section eight housing.
Cutting government spending and cutting funding to the government programs that are unsuccessful would solve a tiny piece of the puzzle. Cutting these programs would save essential money that can go towards building new housing projects or funding more programs that could possibly lower rates for the families that cannot seem to get by in this bad economy. Money spent on building unnecessary statues and gardens like those consistently being built to beautiful parks and other attractions can go towards more homes and roads that lead to them.
If more financial solutions were available to families, they would have more options to choose from and lower rates because of competition between the different companies. Competition is the strongest factor between quality and cost. If a new company specializing in helping families afford their rent or mortgage payments develops, they will offer solutions cheaper than the other companies currently in the market. This could also lead to more affordable plans for low-income families because most of the financial plans set in play require over thirty percent of a families combined income which takes away a large sum of their money which probably would have gone towards other essential things, such as the family’s bills or food. Which leads them to decide which is more important, the family’s food or house, thus they will hold off on their mortgage or rent with increasing ease until they have dug themselves into a hole they cannot get out of.
Communities are the best support towards a family fighting for their home. A community can provide support, compassion, money, food, clothing, and even more. In an effort to raise money, for example, one’s community can set up events such as chili cook-offs, garage sales, neighborhood football or basketball games, or even set up special accounts at neighborhood banks so other people who do not know the family can drop off items like canned goods and money like those whose house has been lost in a fire or other disaster. People love to go to basketball, football, and even baseball games. If neighborhoods would get together and get their kids involved by becoming members of the neighborhood teams, these games could work to benefit that community’s needy families.
Another solution the foreclosure crisis would be sending out more...

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