Proposed Staffing Plan Paper For Kohl's: Human Resource Management

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Staffing Plan Paper

In the event that an organization needs to hire new employees or promote their existing personnel, it is necessary to develop a staffing plan. Similarly to any challenge that is attended to, it is crucial to start with designing a plan. Kohl's is a retail company that can benefit from such a plan. The staffing plan may consist of how many people need to be hired and in what departments will they be assigned. In addition, it is important to develop various strategies to recruit the appropriate applicants. The following are suggestions to developing a staffing plan for Kohl's.
;Since Kohl's is in the business retail clothing, it is essential that the organization should consider a staffing plan for the customer service department. Most of their business is customer based so it is essential for Kohl's to excel in this department. This department needs to have a manager, assistant manager and at least four associates. The four associates would respond to the assistant manager and then he/she would take orders from the customer service manager. To recruit the appropriate applicants, Human Resource management must send out the advertisements through the television commercials as well as newspaper employment columns, as well as the Kohl's corporate internet website. The job descriptions would differ in difficulty in regards to responsibility, education, and experience. For example, managers would require at least three years of leading experience along with a degree in management. Assistant managers would require at least one year leadership experience and at least a high school diploma.
Another Department that will need to be established with new hires is the marketing department. This department consists of people who are in charge of advertising the product through different methods. The use different types of media such as the television radio and add in the newspaper. These departments consist of a Marketing director, an assistant marketing manager and at least 6 associates to work under the managers. Note: these personnel are for a store and not for the corporate level of Kohl's. The job descriptions for the Director of Marketing demand a high level of education consisting of at least a bachelors' degree in Marketing along with experience in the Marketing department. The Assistant Manager of Marketing requires a lower level of...

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Staffing Plan Paper

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