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Proposed Strategies For Marketing The Program

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“NO body is perfect, but EVERY body is beautiful” has a rippling effect of benefits. The services provided by the program must also provide a value that is beneficial to the priority population. The program gives the education required for the priority population to make an effect in their interpersonal community. The program will give the adolescents an increase in self-esteem and positive self-image and will aid adolescents obtaining optimum physically, emotionally, and psychologically health. Adolescent girls and boys will value the importance of positive self-image and inner attributes through the practice of healthy life and social skills to build self-confidence. The inner beauty workshops will educate the population to distinguish and reject the false societal definitions of beauty, and aid in the development of their own identity. The workshops as well as the “Miss Inner Beauty” will teach various skills sets to empower young ladies to find and treasure their inner qualities in order to be successful in every aspect of life. The implementation of healthy food services surrounding nutrition standards of school meals will benefit the school system by providing a variety of healthy food choices that are congruent to the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Students will also be provided the skills sets and training on healthy nutritional choices and knowledge on how to prepare healthy meals according to the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Young individuals will be provided access to mental health services and self-help support groups within the community to aid with previous disordered eating habits. Additionally, young students will build skills sets in eating disorders prevention in order to cope with self body image, food, and/or weight problems. All students will be able to identify the warning signs, and health risk factors of Anorexia Nervosa and all eating disorders. The program will give provide the entire student population with the ability to be aware of, assess, and change any negative influences on their health, in order to maintain holistic physical and mental well being.
A number of factors contribute to the success of this health promotion program. The most important factor being that there are no financial costs to the priority population for participation in the program. Students are given all of the services provided including the seminars, workshops, and access to nutritious food choices, all free of charge. However, there will be a small fee of $20 in order for students to participate in the pageant. This fee will cover the costs for the set up and entertainment for the event. Although there are no financial costs to the faculty, there are a few nonfinancial costs that apply to the teachers. The teachers will have to find a way to implement the new lesson plans, workshops, and seminars into their current curriculum during regular school hours. This implementation is very likely...

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