Proposed Strategies For Resources Identification And Allocation

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Personnel, which are individuals needed to execute the program, is an important resource of any program. “NO body is perfect, but EVERY body is beautiful” will be using a combination of internal and external personnel in order to carry out the program successfully. An advisory committee consisting of program planners will be needed to handle the planning tasks of the program, such as the analyzing the needs of the priority population. The staff of the school districts will be a major internal resource for implementation of the health promotion program. School employees such as the school nurse, health education specialists, and family and consumer science teachers will use their ...view middle of the document...

In order to be better connected with individuals or organizations that share a similar mission as the “NO body is perfect, but EVERY body is beautiful” program, there is a need for a partnership with the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD). A partnership with ANAD would include continuation of support for the training of healthy attitudes, bodies and behaviors of the priority population. Together with the promotion of anorexia nervosa awareness, education, and prevention through cultivating and connecting persons, families, and expert specialists, the program will be effective as well as successful.

Curriculum and other instructional resources
The program will be using a mixture of in-house materials, and materials from outside sources. The information will come from educational materials such as pamphlets, videos, or instructional information that will be donated by non-profit organizations, governmental health agencies, and libraries. Moreover, the educational materials used for the program will consist of videos that portray realistic views of the impact anorexia nervosa can have on an adolescent’s life. The program’s educational classes, seminars, and workshops are created by the planners and in order to genuinely achieve an impact on the priority population in a coordinated and organized way. A canned program will not be needed; the planners will construct all of the classes and workshops with proper planning.

Adequate space in which the intervention program can be administered is another key resource needed for this health promotion program. Since this is a school coordinated health promotion program, the schools’ educational setting can perform an essential position in stimulating healthy behavior changes whereas improving academic performance. The school systems will furnish the space necessary for the entire program, including use of the classrooms where specific lesson plans will be taught and workshop seminars will be held, use of the gymnasium where the “Miss Inner Beauty” pageant and the health screenings will be conducted, as well as use of the cafeteria for the program’s interactive informational luncheon. Although the use of school systems free space will be a low-costing and beneficial factor to the program, the advisory committee will have to consider paying the custodial staff one hour overtime pay for the clean up of a specific area after it has been used. Furthermore, the “BE-U” 24-hour crisis hotline/chat will not require a space allocation for it’s use in the program, instead the trained volunteers and mental health professionals will use their personal device with a phone application that is that is specifically connected to the hotline/chat in which they may turn on, log in, and use at their own discretion.

Equipment and Supplies
The “NO body is perfect, but EVERY body is beautiful” program will need both equipment and supplies in order to successfully plan, implement,...

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