Proprietary Databases Essay

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When I think about the benefits of using proprietary databases, I immediately start to think of the pros and cons that are associated with a proprietary database. The pros to me that separate proprietary databases from public resources are having exclusive access based on memberships and more authentic, original, as well as quality information than public resources. The proprietary databases search system is different from the public search engines that most of us use on a daily basis, such as, Google, Bing, and Yahoo to name a few. Unlike those popular named search engines that allow us to type in whatever we desire, proprietary databases limits us to key words and short phrases; which actually pinpoints searches more accurately without the extra information that we do not wish to view or pick through to get to our original thing that we were searching for.
I must admit before this course I did not know as much details about this kind of database and I was using my usually search engine Google to obtain research information for school. While reading, I learned the process behind the actual searches that I perform on search engines as well as the difference between them and the proprietary databases that is available to me here at Ashford University. I must admit that I am just a little more comfortable with using search engines, or maybe it is just because of the habit of using them on a daily basis.
Actually, I have used libraries before and actually prefer to if I have an assignment that requires me to do a lot of reading in order to complete the assignment at hand. Majority of the time research is accomplished without having to read full books, thanks to the technology that surrounds us today, such as the search engines and proprietary databases that are literally, at our fingertips. Google created a scholar database to become competitive with proprietary databases, “One other vital Google site for research is called...

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