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Pros And Cons Of Censorship: Controlling Media And Ideas

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Censorship, or what I like to call “controlled media”, is the control of ideas and content in our world. For as long as people have discovered that human beings have free will, there has been a way to regulate, govern and block the expression of its uses. There are many types of censorship when it comes to military, religion, political, public media or for just morale reasons. There have naturally been debates on whether censorship has truly been a restraint of expression, imposed to protect people from themselves and to others, or just, for the most part, futile in this day and age. I believe these are all valid reasons for why censorship has its pros and cons, but nonetheless is rather pointless.
Censorship is valuable when it comes to hiding sensitive military information since it can be used by the enemy. Some might say censorship is absolutely need in protecting your nation, which falls under military censorship purposes, but is it more important than for morale reasons? In the article The Web, the Spider and the Fly Seydou Amadou Oumarou & Rene Lefort basically answers that question, “Government restrictions can be enforced in the name of morality, but above all they are used to prevent the use of the Internet for "subversive" ends.” (2). The government may see censorship more has a way to protect themselves more than protecting its people, but I personally believe the people is more important as there is no need for government without the people. Censorship can protect people for several reasons. It blocks content such as pornographic images or dangerous, impressionable stunts from corrupting and harming the youth. Spreading racism, false/harmful information, offensive content, and detrimental influences to a different culture can also be prevented by censorship.
Despite the moral reasons I believe censorship is necessary, I lean more towards the immoral aspects of it. Generally, censorship is a manipulation of the truth. As an aspiring music artist I can’t help to think censorship is the defamation of art and freedom of speech. When you bring censorship into the fold, you welcome a sense of conformity. Censorship can individuality and essentially it just puts humanity "in our place". People should realize that without the free flow of ideas and thought; we oversight the beneficial ideas. You can’t be creative if you have to be worried about censoring yourself before an authority does it for you. Censorship in books, music, and plays just compromises their entertainment values. The government should not be able to control people; it should be the other way around. It's our first amendment right to have freedom of speech, as...

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