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Pros And Cons Of Different Fields In Social Work

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Earning my bachelor’s in human services will lead into my career in the field of social work. The field of social work is nothing new: Simon Patten coined the term social workers in 1900 (Robert 1995). Literature on aspects of the field, how to get involved in social work, and what type of work a social worker performs will be included in my research. For the purpose of this review, I will focus my research on current information, 2008 to current.
The major theme of my research includes looking at the positives and negatives of different fields in social work. Another part of my research will include, how I will earn my graduate degree once I graduate from ODU, along with the jobs outlook and descriptions for each field. This is important for my paper; because, I will choose which field I plan on going in and why. It also will allow me to compare and contrast the different fields. My literature review will start with my graduate school plans, followed by my research on each field I want to focus as a social worker (in order of my most desirable field to my least desirable).
Graduate School
I am currently a sophomore at Old Dominion University, majoring in human services. I plan to further my education in graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work. VCU’s school of social work is ranked 11th in the nation and has been around since 1917 (Relation). “The purpose of this program is to prepare graduate-level social workers with the knowledge, values and skills essential to advanced social work practice in a multicultural society” (Relation). One of the most important requirements to get accepted into the program is work experience and volunteer hours after undergraduate school. I plan on going to school via distance learning and will have some different requirements than a student taking classes on campus in order to be accepted into this program. According the school of social work website the requirements to get into the distance learning program include, a minimum 2.7 GPA, one year of field work/ volunteer work, and letters of recommendation. A challenge of going onto get a master’s degree is the cost. In some of my research I found that 70% of social workers are in debt from school (Notabartolo, 2010). Job growth for social work is expected to grow 16% by 2018 (Notabartolo, 2010), which keeps me optimistic for finding a job and paying off my student loans. The average salary for a social work ranges depending on what field of social work he or she is working in. The fields that I will focus on earn an average of $50,000 annually (Notabartolo, 2010).
Fields of Social Work
I plan on pursing a career in the field of social work that focuses on working with children. “16% out of the countries half million social workers work in child services (Children and Families, 2014).” A career in children services will entail working one on one with families and helping solve their issues. Social workers work with...

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