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Pros And Cons Of Film Induced Tourism

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Film induced tourism has grown in every aspect around the globe whether its because of the curiosity of the people to indulge in this kind of tourism or just being a part of the artificial world. Then it comes to define film tourism many authors have different views, according to Hudson and Ritch (2006a), it is describe as people visiting places which are directly influenced by films to see the landscapes, building, places as it was shown on TV, advertisement or in cinema screen. In addition to the meaning above for film induced tourism, Riley & Van Doren, (1992) further added that people visiting these places may be overwhelm with the romantic gaze of the place, and feel emotionally attached to it and also with the focal points of the film such as actors and their attributes, where they used to live, themes, social patterns and so on. However this essay will also discuss the originality of film tourism and its implications towards the destination and how it effects the local culture and community.

Background of Film and Cinema:
The introduction of films began in the early era of 1920s and since then technology in many forms as such Televisions which featured documentary and made films more popular with in audiences, according to commentators it is said that film has become the most global and popular seen and followed form of culture. (Shiel, 2001; Urry & Larsen, 2011). Furthermore in late 1960s cinemas and theaters were popular among people also due to entertainment and transformation of different cultures, it has since then captured a large number of tourists. Today that trend has changed into television viewing, which is hence said it is the major leisure activity among people. In addition to that seeing films on DVD, Blue Ray, computer and even from authorized websites for movies which can be downloaded or watch online has also grown over the years, people now intend to buy these form of devices, nearly 86% of the people in UK have their own set of home cinemas and DVD players in their home(UK Film Council, 2009).

The scope of film Induced Tourism:
Film induced tourism has a wider range of advantages when it comes to promote destinations where films were produced, which can be a pull factor for tourists who are willing to see and experience of the film by seeing the sites, even meeting their favourite actors and so on. Some visitors might visit a particular city or place because to see the sets where only the film is possible to have been shot (real or imaginary). Additionally most of the visitors also intend to be a part of studio tours to places where films are made and showing the tourists how it was made and brought from dream to reality for instance Sharlock Hormles the movie was shot in Baker street London, which attracted a number of people to visit the home where the film was performed and another fine example is of Harry Potter Universal studios tour where people can experience the art of wich craft and see the...

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