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Pros And Cons Of Marxism Essay

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Sociology Essay
Marxism is a conflict theory established by Karl Marx. Marxists believe that the capitalist system is just a way in which the bourgeoisie control and exploit the proletariats, and focuses on the unequal conflict between these two sectors of society. Marxists believe that the capitalist system is criminogenic. Marxists see crime in the capitalist system as a ‘tool of the ruling class’ where they can control the working proletariats and the crime is an unavoidable result because of the oppression the proletariats are subject to. They also believe that laws are enforced mostly to benefit the interest of the ruling class. An example of this is 80% of laws exist to protect private property.). Traditional Marxist’s view of crime has 3 aspects: The Criminogenic capitalism, the state and law making ideological functions of crime and law. As previously stated, criminogenic capitalism is the Marxist idea that crime is inevitable because of the nature of capitalism. They believe that because of capitalism as the unequal divide between classes, committing crime is sometimes the only way people can live because they have been so oppressed by the bourgeoisie. In addition, sometimes the proletariats may feel frustrated that they are under the control of the bourgeoises and act out in crimes such as violence and vandalism as a way of venting anger at being alienated from society. However, they do state that crime is not just committed by the working class. They claim that capitalism creates the need to ‘win at all costs’ and encourages self-interest and greed. The bourgeoisie’s crimes often go unnoticed the proletariats crimes serve as...

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