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Pros And Cons Of The 12 Hour Work Schedule For Nurses

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Hello to 12 hours, Good-bye to Sleep
Imagine a nurse who has to go to work for 12 hours and how much energy he or she puts in? It feels like a never ending story and the character begins to exhaust his or her energy. As much as 12 hours may seem, the 12 hours spent in something one like to do would make it better. It may involve less sleep for someone who works 12 hours. Nurses in the past and today have been working 12 hour shifts or more, which shouldn’t be a big deal now than it actually seems. I think 12 hour shifts are a productive way for more nurses to connect with patients and complete their work effectively. Therefore, nurses should have the right to want to work for 12 hour shifts despite the negative outcomes.
Nurses who worked for a longer time and for 12 hour shifts do find it effective as well as a better balance with work, family, and patients. In the article, “12-Hour Shifts”, Hallie Shafer, an RN and BSN who worked for more than 8 years and around 12 hour shifts, explains, “I think that it’s great for both work and you’re outside life.” She also tells, “At work, you can have the continuity of care with the patients. You’re with them for a full 12 hours.” Shafer will also schedule her 12-hour shifts for three days at the beginning of a week and at the end of the following week. This way she can get back to seeing her family and friends.
Besides Hallie Shafer’s statement about how balance 12 hour shifts are to her life; there is a growing popularity, now and in the past, for nurses working 12 hour shifts. It began in 1970 when there was a national nursing shortage. This allows more time for nurses to be at home. It also allows hospitals to increase nursing part time and offers different shifts. Next thing we know, scheduling 12 hour shifts became a popular movement after that and making it even more common to schedule different working hours for nurses.
Scheduling work hours, break times, and days off are common, sometimes challenging, and flexible for nurses as well as nurse managers. In the article, “Evolution of Nursing Shifts” shows that “Today, 75% of hospital nurses work 12-hour shifts. From a managerial perspective, 12-hour shifts mean fewer shifts to schedule; only two daily shifts need to be covered and only two daily handoffs are needed.” This gives nurses the time to do other things or accommodate with friends and family. Some nurses can also self-schedule their hours of work, which gives them more flexibility.
Nurses have shown that they prefer with 12 hour shifts. In a survey for reported that respondents “they preferred the 12 hour shift because it gave them more days off, reducing travel and childcare costs.” In addition, the positive side is it improves staff morale and reduces absence. Dr. Joan Rich, vice president of Rasmussen College’s School of Nursing, prefers 12 hours because she feels...

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