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Pros And Cons Of The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution was a period during the 18th and 19th century in England where many changes had happened. Such changes consist of agriculture, mining, transport and technology which allowed both detrimental and beneficial impact on people lives. At those times the working surroundings for many people were harsh, also for the children. The children have to start working at a very young age, they work without any protection and they have been treated very poorly. Not only that the amount shillings they make, barely makes a difference for their family to survive. Urbanization has increased between the times of 1800’s and the 1850’s, as urbanization increase there is more numbers of ...view middle of the document...

As the life span decrease there is a raise in child labor. In the factories children are beaten and sometimes majorly injured for their lack of performance during their work. They are miserable from the conditions they have to put up every single day to get paid for one shilling a day. A shilling won’t make a difference for their family. During 1833’s, the lifespan of the workers in the cotton mills of Lancashire has decreased around the age from the 17 to the 21 (Document 5). This is because of the dangerous conditions people work through from the age of five and up. Showing how detrimental it is to the children from their harmful work conditions. The children are poor and depressed inhaling dust from work and severely injured causing many lives of them. Following with the children, there are many unfair regulations that workers have to follow in order to make a living for themselves and their families. There was no law protecting the workers while the worked in a cruel situation in all of the factories at those times. Such regulation like that after you give birth to a baby you have to come back in a week. This can lead to early death in child, lowering population. This example is proven from a parliamentary report on English female miner during 1832. She stated, “I know a woman who has gone home washed herself, taken to bed, been delivered for a child, and gone to work again under the week.” This shows us how detrimental the regulations are towards the working people. This is a detrimental event because the people have to suffer even pregnant folks for their children to survive.
Between 1800 and 1850, there was a rapid growth of cities as rural populations move to larger towns and cities. This is called urbanization. During this time, the growth of many industries and factories starts to up rise leading to more jobs in the manufacturing area. The towns and the cities got larger also did the number of population and a larger number of lives lost. The atmosphere was merely perfect during urbanization. As urbanization got more popularized, the atmospheric environment worsened. The streets were dirty, the garbage is thrown out the wind, and there were no clean garbage system. Many farmers looking for work from the enclosures. At the very end, London became the biggest city in Europe. The people of London, during 1800 -1850, were living in a dangerous atmosphere, which they don’t know of. The streets were disgusting; as more and more people come everything starts to get filthy even the air and the water. Shown in Edwin Chadwick’s Summary during the 1842’s, where he had said the atmospheric purity is a caused by decomposing of both animal and plants, by the damp and filth everywhere, and the closed and overcrowded dwellings which are amongst the population. Many lost their lives from the filth and bad ventilation and such little air to breathe, which caused a greater loss from death...

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