Pros And Cons Of Using Social Media Tools In Schools

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Social media has transformed the world. No longer is communication the same. This is evident in the social media by businesses and individuals alike. Businesses build communities, and raise awareness, through the use of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Education system has also adopted social media tools in the classroom and is now playing a significant role in many schools and universities. However, proper planning has to take place to ensure that these tools are managed effectively in the classroom. With this, students can benefit immensely from the use of these tools in the classroom. However, even with proper management, the relevant authorities need to understand that this requires a high level of maintenance and interaction to ensure the satisfaction and engagement of students. The best practices are used in businesses they should also be implemented in the classroom, (Bennett, 2012).
According to Lederer, (2012), there are several pros and cons to the use of social media in the classrooms.
Educational Tool
The current students are Generation Z and hence they are technological savvy and truly depend on the use of technology which includes social networking sites. Hence it is easy for teachers to utilize this medium in the classroom which will foster collaboration, discussion and create meaningful dialogue among the students.
Enhance Student Engagement
Social media will increase student engagement as they will be using tools that they are comfortable and familiar with. It will also aid in improving communication skills especially for those students who seldom speaks in class as they will feel more comfortable expressing themselves in these media such as Facebook.
Improve Communication among Students and Teacher
Social media provides an excellent medium of communication among teachers and students. It provides the opportunity for students to post their questions and receive feedback from the teacher whether it is via blogs, Facebook, etc. It can also be used by the teachers to post assignments and by administration to post messages and updates, schedules, announcements etc.
Preparing Students for Successful Employment
Job opportunities can be found through the use of social media sites as well as a result of the connections made via these sites. One such established social media site is LinkedIn, which allows the students to maintain a presence on the Web, post their resumes and try to connect with other persons seeking jobs as well as employers. The students are also able to follow businesses or any organization for example via Facebook in order to stay updated on any new opportunities or developments in the organization.
Bennett (2012), further identified several other advantages in the use of social media in schools.
Making safe communities
There are many dangers that are associated with the use of social media sites. However, there are some social media sites which allow the teacher to have control over the...

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