Advantages And Disadvantages To Different Forms Of Educational Orientation

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Part I
My belief on what the primary purposes are for public education in the U.S. is constantly expanding. Initially, I wrote: to provide free means of education that will provide a stable basis of knowledge. Since I have had time to think more about it and reflect upon my first reply to the question, I see that it is much more than that.
The first aspect is that it is free. That provides the opportunity for every student to receive needed education without being held back by an aspect they cannot control. Even through high school, a student’s main goal isn’t to produce money to provide for their self, but to learn and explore. It is their parent or guardians responsibility to earn an income. Different jobs have different pay levels, so making it free allows students to take the first step and go to school and learn.
The second part, which I didn’t include in my first thought of the question, is that is should be appropriate. Second graders learn second grade material, not kindergarten or fifth grade material. The material covered in the classroom is the most important part of school. Students with disabilities or impairments should receive the same levels of education, but with resources that aid them to learn at the same learning level as any other student. Public education allows for resource teachers, paraprofessionals, translators, and many other types of assistance for students. They should be kept there to ensure proper education for all.
The last purpose for public education in the U.S. is that it prepares students for life after school, and helps them to grow into productive members of communities. The material and resources used in public schools are there to show students how to use information, how to act in everyday life, and guide them in their choices throughout their education careers and beyond.

Part II
Development of Cognitive Processes
In this area, the curriculum is provided, not made up by teachers or students. With the curriculum being provided, it was also be mainly problem based, to strengthen and form student’s intellectual faculties. The major functions of this orientation are to help children learn to learn and to give students a chance to make use of and broaden their mental abilities. The main source of learn for the students is through inquiry and questions, which is promoted and well developed by the teacher. In order to strengthen their mental abilities, they practice and repeat demanding assignments. What students learn in school would take a back seat to how they learn that information. Process is the focus of evaluations in the classroom.
Academic Rationalism
The schools main goal with this orientation is to allow for and foster the intellectual growth of the students in the subject areas most worthy of studying. Time in the classroom should be focused on learning material that can only be taught in the classroom; all other activities, such as Drivers Education or Home Economics, should be...

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