Pros & Cons Of Being Married

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Someone has said that marriage is like fortress besieged: people who are in it want to come out whereas people outside of it eager to go in. This word perfectly demonstrates how people currently think of marriage. It gives some benefits such as a partner who support you all the time. However, once you get married, you should take more responsibility than you alone such as taking care of your spouse unconditionally. Thus, many people doubt whether they should get married or not. In my opinion, marriage is a good choice for people who are ready.
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However, if you are single, you may not that lucky at this point. There is no dinner for you after overtime work. When you get bad favor, you must take care of yourself. On the other hand, if you do not have a wife, you do not need to waiting for her to have supper together, or help her immediately when her car had broken on the way. You can have much less responsibility when you are alone. Besides, you are free now. You can fly to New York at once for your friend’s birthday party and stay several days there without discuss with anyone. You could resign and go volunteering in Africa because you just read a new about how bad the famine happened there. When you bored in this place, you can move to another city just because you want to. For most of thing I mentioned above, if you have a spouse, you could not do that very soon because you need to take account how she or he thinks and feels. They may not have the same opinion as you and do not want to change the pace to suit you. Thus, the pros of being single are clear: you can do...

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