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Pros & Cons Of Wind Energy

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Potential of wind power green has not been realized till yet by many of the people. Wind power is not present everywhere and it is not going too unexpectedly but the nice news is that most of the people are getting information about the wind power (Borah, 2011). The superior and premier source of energy is called wind power. We often heard of about regeneration or renewable or extended clean energy but unfortunately we still have not work on it. Today as the price of oil is at its peak and graph of oil has increased very much and green houses and pollution is also much increasing day by day (Borah, 2011). This is actually a time to fight with these sorts of problems because in this way our Earth will become sicker as it is now so we must start contributing and with the unity we have to work hard for the regeneration of energy. These sorts of energies include many of energy like wind power, solar energy, hydroelectricity power, geothermal heat energy (Borah, 2011), bio fuels and much more as science is rapidly inventing its new growth and technique.

Talking about the renewal of energy we cannot neglect the Wind power energy which is the most fame technology out of these green technologies. Nationwide thousands and hundreds of turbines of wind are being installed (Borah, 2011), harvested and invested everywhere. Process or definition of a wind turbine is that a machine which has the tendency of converting first kinetic energy present in the wind into mechanical energy and ten with rotator process mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy with the help of generator and as a result we get energy. Placing taller turbine in to the ground will be more...

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