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In today’s society, we all need just a little push and that may come from parents, friends, or bullies. This push is necessary in order to mentally prepare children and teenagers alike for the world which is full of mean and disrespectful people. This world has no place for those who have a weak mind or cannot muster up the strength to assert their will. When I say that people need a push, I do not necessarily mean a positive one. When people think of bullying in a modern context they think of a group of children surrounding a single child throwing insult after insult while getting physically abused. Once people see this image in their mind they think of it as nothing but negativity and fail to see it in a positive light and that is the simple fact that getting bullied is merely a form of constructive criticism which is necessary evil in terms of building character.

There are many strong arguments that support this and one of them is the life story of Herschel Walker. In his early child hood he was constantly alienated and bullied by others, however, he once stated in an interview that he decided “Herschel wasn’t going to get beat up anymore”. He started to toughen himself up mentally, emotionally, and physically until the point where he completely disassociated himself from his surroundings and focused on improving himself as a human being (Time Well Spent With Herschel Walker). His situation and the many others alike should stand as an ample example that not all bullying should necessarily be considered to be bad; however, regardless of the outcome people seem to ignore the fact that had he not been pushed he may not have developed into the Herschel Walker we all know and love. In situations such as Herschel Walker’s bullying, as previously stated, actually becomes a form of constructive criticism which is defined as the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments. People typically take advantage of any flaws an individual may have and then exploit them thus becoming one of the greatest sources of constructive criticism, however rather than look at it in this light the focus is shifted off of the fact that the flaws exist at all but instead on the person exploiting the flaws. What should actually happen is that the individual should work towards fixing the imperfections and improving themselves as a human being but of course this is not the case. Society should work towards changing this. Children should also be taught to develop what is known as mental toughness which corresponds with four basic concepts. These concepts are control, commitment, challenge, and confidence. These concepts are typically taught to those who participate in sports and the few who master all four are the ones that are able to excel in not only athletics but generally everything that they do (Horsburgh et al. 100). It is also through each of these that one of the...

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