Prosecuting Juveniles In The Adult Criminal Justice System

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Think back to the point in time when you did the most ridiculous thing ever in your life. 13 out of 20 people agreed that they were in the their teens when this event occurred. When you are young it is pretty much your job to make mistakes so that you learn from them and can grow. But is there a limit on the mistake you can make and how you are punished for them?
A juvenile is a young person; teenage. A juvenile delinquency is a young person who commits crimes. As a juvenile doing something wrong should be resulted in a punishment that requires them to learn from their mistakes. Charging them as an adult does not have the same effect as sending an adult away to serve time. When you are an adult you are supposed to know better, and right from wrong. Being an adolescent I make many mistakes. Although, I know things are wrong I sometimes still do them just to see if I can get away with them. The only time I never repeat a mistake or think about doing something wrong again is when my parent or an authority figure takes time to talk to me about my actions. When it comes to the punishment for my actions, the method that works for me is helping me understand what I did, and the consequences of my actions. Whatever the punishment I get I can accept it with pride because I now know my wrong and why it is wrong.
Being punished should never be a torture method, or you should not have to suffer for making mistakes. A punishment should be a learning experience. Why did you do the things that did? If you are punished correctly, you should question your actions, think about why you did them in the first place, and come to a decision that you will never do it again. Accept the fact that you are wrong and want to change for the better.
When committing a crime as a juvenile these things should be considered when it comes to their punishment. Where did they come from ?, Have they constantly have problems in the community or with other authorities ?, and how is their character as a person. No child, no matter the age, should have to be tried as an adult, for the simple fact that they are not adults.
By law you are considered a legal adult once you turn 18 years old, but it has been scientifically proven that your brain does not stop until you reach the age of 20. But what does that have to do with your decision making ? As you approach your teen years the front of the brain, where the decision making occurs, is not attached to the brain.
The gray areas in a teen’s brain have a lot to do with the many moods they go through, or the way they handle things. When teens act out it is mainly because they want to experience risk taking, they give in to peer pressure,they suffer from lack of education, they are overly emotional, and they are just simply getting dumber. All those things have a major part to do with the frontal lobe gray areas of the brain.
Teens and risk taking is just their way of either finding out who they are, who they want...

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