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Treatment For Prostate Cancer Essay

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Studies have shown that that 25% of men that are diagnosed with cancer are usually diagnosed with prostate cancer. It has progressed so much that it is the 3rd common cause of death in men in the USA. Drugs for prostate cancer have made progressed so much in just the last 10 years. Chances of survival and control in pain have improved so much with the evolution of chemotherapy drugs.
Chemotherapy is a treatment that using the bloodstream spreads all over the body to repair and kill cancer cells. It is able to kill cells in organs, lymph nodes, bones, lungs and even cancer cell that have metastasized. It is able to destroy these cells even when they have spread from the prostate region to other areas. This is drug is able to kill cancerous and non cancerous cells that are budding and replicating by circulating the drug in the bloodstream. This drug is prescribed in small doses so that healthy cells are still able to live without getting affected by the chemo drugs by adjusting the frequency and dosage of the drug. This therapy is usually used once the prostate cancer has started to spread to be able to control the spreading as much as possible. It is usually able to do this by combining with other drugs to stop the spread of the cancer cells in the body. These drugs can have various side effects from common side effects such as Diarrhea to life threatening effects such as kidney failure.
One of the most common cancers found in Men is prostate cancer. The prostate is one of the reproductive organs of male’s body. The main function of this body part is to make ejaculatory fluid. It is found at the front of the rectum and underneath the bladder, around the urethra. This specific cancer is found to affect older men as it found to be in silent form for several years without showing any symptoms or spreading. In the beginning of the cancer it usually grows slowly and is very small but as the growing speeds up it becomes a risk to the life of the patient.
Depending on the cancer type and stage, the chemotherapy drugs type, duration of the treatment and the dose of the drug is decided. The most common drug used in the beginning of chemotherapy for prostate cancer patients is docetaxel. Most of the drugs prescribed have several side effects and to ensure the health of the patient, they are monitored carefully by the physician. These side effects usually last only till the drug is taken; once the treatment is complete the side effects usually stop. These drugs are usually intravenously using a catheter depending on the drug they may prescribe in the form of pills to be taken by mouth. These drugs are usually administered by a physician or pharmacist to be taken at home where hospitalization is seldom.
There have been two drugs that have shown improvement and gained FDA approval in the last 10 years these are mitoxantrone and docetaxel. Mitoxantrone has shown to fight against hormone-refractory prostate cancer at stage 4. It was the first...

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