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Morality Morals pertain to conduct or character from the point of right and wrong, teaching a conception of right behavior. Morals are the basis of life and the foundation of society. Most rules of conduct or laws are based on these principles. Without morals society would be chaotic. Louis B. Schwartz argues that although there is no evidence that society as a whole is harmed by the existence of immoral behavior, the language of legislators and others suggests that the majority does think that it is being harmed (p 550).He believes that "society is entitled to restrict, or protect itself from, conduct that is grossly offensive to others" and that "society is entitled to guide or regulate the moral conduct of its members" (p 550). I agree with him.Prostitution should be illegal because it is immoral. From a religious and morality point of view, the "body is our temple" we must not desecrate it and we must not harm it. It destroys the "purity" of woman. Think about this, would you want your children to participate in prostitution? More will if we make it readily available for them. Also, would you want your daughters or maybe even sons to have aspirations to be a prostitute? We live today to make the best future for our children if not at least a better one than we have had. What examples would we be if we were to make such immoral acts like this one, legal? What would happen to our future? Chaos. We must not only think of what is best for us but also what is best for the next generation. What we do today has a great impact on society in the future.Prostitution is immoral because it causes harm to society. Although it may not cause physical harm it can cause psychological harm to society. The law must protect society from harm whether physical or psychological. Protection of society's well-being includes mental well-being. Especially we must protect the future of society, the children. Children in their early years gain an understanding for right and wrong, moral and immoral. They should be protected from such psychological damage prostitution may cause. Why not legalize public nudity? Because it offends society. The same reasons prostitution should remain illegal. It offends society and can make members of society feel threatened to take their children, if not themselves out into public. If you are going to draw a line it must be a solid line with no exceptions to the law.The opposition may...

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Prostitution Essay

1899 words - 8 pages only things transported across national borders. Human trafficking, the transportation of people across international borders, increased tremendously after the Market Revolution and continues to be a dominant issue in present day. Although some people cross borders in search of a better life, an abundance of people, especially women, are deceived and moved from their motherland to work in unfavorable industries with prostitution as the most common

Prostitution Essay

2386 words - 10 pages Prostitution The concept of prostitution is one that causes a visceral revulsion in conventional Western morality -- a symptom of which is how the many colloquial terms for a prostitute, such as 'whore', or 'harlot', are commonly used as denigratory pejoratives towards women. Although a persistent phenomenon throughout human history , it remains difficult to view prostitution in an objective light -- various cultures have alternately tried


804 words - 3 pages Jehaenah de RamosBlock HReligion 10Ms. DeFayeDefinition: Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment[1] [2] or some other benefit. Prostitution is sometimes described as commercial sex.Summary:Historyits history extends to all ancient and modern culturesits one of the oldest profession in the worldbelieved to began in the third millennium B.C, the Sumerians, the first major inhabitants of


1206 words - 5 pages Prostitution is frequently called the world?s oldest profession. Actually the profession of ?shaman? predates it by thousands of years ago. This inaccuracy reflects many of western society?s traditional attitudes about women, e.g. women are property, women are sinful and women?s purpose is to serve the needs of men. Because these attitudes are so ingrained, it is impossible to think of a time when they were not truisms. Prostitution is very

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328 words - 2 pages people see prostitutes as broken down junkies living off of their fee for sexual acts , but most women and or men who have become prostitutes have done it for a much larger scale reason that most of us would not be able to understand. Some left their own countries to escape the harshness of their cruel society but found no other opportunity for their life's improvement so they had to result to prostitution to feed themselves and or their own

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1655 words - 7 pages America is known for the freedoms we receive, but did you know that about 100 thousand women are involved in prostitution, and their rights stripped away by the people who claimed the would protect them, given them shelter, and would provide food for them? No you don’t know media doesn’t cover it, because prostitution is a crime that is swept under a large rug and covered up to protect politicians, government officials, police officers, and so

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643 words - 3 pages Should prostitution be legal in the United States? Nevada is currently the only state in the nation to legalize prostitution. They exercise this right in the form of regulated brothels. The power to legalize prostitution is a state power, in which most have not chosen to legalize this service. Some view prostitution as a business, selling goods and services to make a profit, but others view it as morally wrong. Most people think selling your

Legalizing Prostitution

1061 words - 4 pages Legalizing prostitution! A way for the American government to create job opportunities for the American women that chooses this profession. Prostitution is legal in many countries, so why not all of the United States? Prostitution should not be a crime! Sex is not a crime. Exchanging of money is not a crime. So, why should the two combined be a crime? Women can have sex with as many people as she wants in her private life, it’s her body and

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857 words - 4 pages Imagine living on the streets all alone. You need money, and fast. You can’t get a job because that will take too long to get the money you need. You’re desperate and you feel like the only choice is to turn to prostitution. Millions of women and children are engaging in prostitution around the world and it needs to be stopped. Prostitution dates back as far as 2400 BCE in ancient Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations (Sexton). It is defined as

Legalize Prostitution

2989 words - 12 pages One of the oldest legal debates comes from one of the world's oldest profession, prostitution, there is no denying that the sex industry has taken international dimensions and is recognized as an economic motor for many countries. As countries around the world debate the merits of legalizing or at least decriminalizing prostitution. The following questions should be addressed. Would legalization reduce some of the inequalities and

Legalizing Prostitution

1060 words - 4 pages There is no profession in this world that has lasted longer than prostitution- the selling of sexual services. Despite the age of this field, there is a lot of controversy over whether it should be legal or if it is even morally correct to do. There are places all over the world where prostitution is legal, but in the United States only two of the fifty states have legalized it-Rhode Island and Nevada. But there is a lot of evidence to suggest

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1497 words - 6 pages Prostitution is an issue which has caused controversy cross-culturally and historically and which has many individuals reexamining the logistics of it. If prostitution is decriminalized it will become economically profitable and feasible for not only the prostitutes, but also western society as a whole. Without the 20th century western laws, which force prostitution underground, the profession of prostitution could become a clean and safe

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1712 words - 7 pages ProstitutionIn the United States of America, it is a country of freedom and capitalism. The people in America always finding ways to make money as our forefathers did in their time. A big issue the United States faces today is the prostitution. Prostitution itself has been viewed as a very dangerous idea since it first started. It has been shown how it can lead to human sex trafficking and many addictions. There are many people in the United

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1749 words - 7 pages of expression is Prostitution. Prostitution is defined as the act of engaging in sexual intercourse for pay. Although prostitution is said to be “an old profession,” it is a worldwide controversial matter due to the lack of a consensus decision for its legalization. It is a common belief that prostitution is harmful because of the acceptance that one is harmed by selling sex, and possibly harmed by buying sex. It is not considered in equivalence

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2057 words - 9 pages industries with prostitution as the most common jobs for these women. With the incessant growth of the prostitution, the act of participating in promiscuous copulation especially for money, there's an outgoing debate on whether prostitution should be legalized or illegalized. However, people fail to focus on the increasing amount of trafficking aroused by sex tourism. In order to decrease the amount of trafficking for prostitution, the world should