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The prostitution called the oldest profession that can have bad or positive postures. While in the past centuries had more positive perception about prostitution because it was considerate as unavoidable evil. Then, the posture that the United State of America has about prostitution is important influence in the majority states. This is the case of Utah that the 20th century has implemented a prohibit policy in prostitution which affect in many ways the life of the sex workers who are vulnerable situation because they are persecuted and marginalize for their profession.
The panoramic about how sex workers are involved was desolate in the majority situations. The common of them have been ...view middle of the document...

Who are in pro to legalize prostitution refers if we legalize this profession will protect to sexual workers of people who exploit or harm them as pimps or johns. At this position, they said that they have more independence in this business and police can protect them to aggression of clients. Also, they mentioned that this profession has to be considerate as a type of labor.
Who oppose to prostitution, they do not promote, support, or advocate the legalization or practice of prostitution. For example the LDS church is most definitely against prostitution, they considerate this profession as sexual transgression. In the same posture, some people mention that “… (is) inherently exploitative all prostitution to be a form of sex trafficking a mistreatment of women by men.” (Babb, p.287). For example feminists are in this position because they mentioned that men are the consumers and recruiters of prostitution business.
Criminalization against sex workers is not the solution to eradicate prostitution. It is important that people who are involved in prostitution have other options that will be positive and...

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