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Prostitution: It Should Be Legal Essay

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According to the Merriam- Webster dictionary, prostitution is defined as “the work of a prostitute: the act of having sex in exchange for money” (cite). Underneath this definition is one that follows as, “the use of a skill or ability in a way that is not appropriate or respectable” (cite). Prostitution is a pressing matter in the United States and, as one can assume after reading the second definition given, implicated negatively throughout society. Many view this topic in an undesirable manner, and fail to recognize the positive aspects of prostitution; prostitution brings about so many positive aspects that progressive countries have enacted the legality of its practices. The legality of ...view middle of the document...

These individuals may be partaking in potentially risky and unfavorable actions, but that is between both the service and client. The government has no justification in involving themselves so heavily in voluntary, private affairs among two people. It can be assumed that prostitution is disapproved of in the United States; the only place in which this action is legalized is within eight counties in Nevada (cite) – could this be because of how unfavorable and uncomfortable the behavior is for society? Regardless of how individuals view this action personally, it does not justify taking another’s rights away from doing so. If it did, then we should also be creating laws against obese people and active smokers; after all, obesity kills about 300,000 Americans each year (cite), and the mortality rate for individuals who smoke is three times higher than those who don’t (cite) . Both of those examples are also looked upon disapprovingly in society, and have proven themselves incredibly harmful to the public; yet, no legal consequences have been enacted towards these actions, but prostitution…why, prostitution seems to be an even bigger threat; apparently so much so that it overrides an individual’s basic rights to claim their body as their own. Citizens have the right to partake in prostitution and do as they please with their bodies; they should not be disallowed to do so due its untraditional manner as long as it follows under constitutional law.
Not only should prostitution be legal due to its constitutional merit, but because it can be economically beneficial for society as well. Prostitution is a service industry like any other. Although their means of work may not be as socially accepted by our puritanical society, they are no less worthy of being recognized as a legitimate business. The main reason individuals enter this field is because of the high amounts of money attached to it. Approximately eighteen billion dollars went towards prostitution as of 2012 (cite); none of that money was taxed or went towards the federal government – with the exception of some counties in Nevada. Imagine what that amount of money could do for our dwindling economy! Our country puts a lot of money towards training undercover cops in order to arrest prostitutes, and spends a lot of your taxes towards dismantling prostitution rings – money in which citizens would surely like going towards bigger social issues. In fact, Texas alone spent 6.5 million dollars towards imprisoning prostitutes in 2012 (cite), and one can only imagine how much more money is being spent throughout our country too. Unlike Texas, some counties in Nevada have decided to legalize some forms of prostitution. They are using their money towards regulating and enhancing the economic prospects for prostitutes rather than condemning their actions like most states. What does this mean for Nevada? Well, as previously mentioned, Nevada is able to tax prostitution businesses and gain revenue for...

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