Prostitution Should Be Illegal In Canada

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In Canadian law, buying or selling sexual services within Canada is considered legal. However, this controversial topic has raised discussions between people because of the possibilities of illegal activities inside the world of prostitution. From reading the newspapers to hearing it on the television, we know nothing good ever comes out of prostitution because of the exposure to the risky businesses and dangerous people. Prostitutes engages in a number of dangerous harmful activities such as taking drugs, rape, emotional and physical abuse, and the worst case scenario is death. In this thesis paper, I’ll be discussing the main points and arguments as to why prostitution should have ...view middle of the document...

A pimp is basically a private agent that collects a part of their earnings and in return will help advertise services, provide physical protection, and locating a private area where she may ‘mingle’ with the customer. But in Canada, any type of public communications for the purpose of having sex, in other words procuring in Section 213 of the Criminal Code of Canada, is against the prostitution law. If that’s not enough to ban the existence of pimps, the complex relationship between the pimp and the prostitute can turn possessive and abusive as time goes on. The pimp’s approach in stabilizing the relationship is by psychological intimidation, manipulation, long hours of starvation, any type of rape, severe beatings, small confinements, force them to take drugs, death threats towards the prostitute’s family, and etc. Although, the prostitutes had agreed to sexual services in order to support either themselves or fund their drug addiction, they are not doing this for the sake of pleasure but to earn fast money. In most cases, women are under the control of the pimp and most often could not defend themselves alone and must submit to the pimp’s wishes in order to survive. Pimps can be charged with an applicable offence that includes sexual assault, uttering threats, intimidation, and forcible confinement. A ‘missing people’ article dated back in April of 2000 reported a pimp named Barry Thomas Niedermier, 43, had something to do with 27 prostitutes that were missing in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has a bad history with the law, once involving himself pimping a 14 year-old girl in the streets. According to the Canadian law, child prostitution is illegal under the Bill C-27. Fortunately the United Nations’ law, Optional Protocol, enforce laws to prohibit the sale of young children, child prostitution, and the distribution of child pornography. The government will have the right to seize all items and money made by people who break this law. As of now, they are developing public awareness to help protect our children. But studies have shown that most adult prostitutes began their career in their teens. Those who commit this serious crime will not be taken lightly here in Canada, consequences are quite severe, and most likely you will have to serve jail time and carry the title of a sex offender for the rest of your life. The man was arrested in 1990 for the assault of 3 prostitutes, pimping an underage child, giving date rape drugs, and possibly involved with the disappearance of 27 prostitutes. Prostitution is harmful to women, legalization doesn’t take away the harm--it just simple makes the harm legal.

“To think the best we can do for these women is giving them a safe place to sell
their bodies is a joke. There is no such thing as a “clean safe place” to be abused in. For a man to think he can buy a woman’s body is insane, and should show us the attitudes that women have to fight against in society. Marnie did not choose prostitution;...

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