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Prostitution Should Be Legalized Essay

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Prostitution is the act of selling ones body for any type of sexual intercourse in exchange for money. Today, both men and women are willingly and forcefully engaged into the industry of sex and prostitution. It is most common for young teenage girls to be involved into this industry rather than a male or older woman. There are several different ways to how individuals are first brought into prostitution. One way is to be kidnapped and forcefully put on to the streets by a "Guerilla Pimp". "Guerilla Pimps" are the men who use their ability and force to kidnap young girls and throw them on to the streets to work as prostitutes (Youth Radio). Another way to be introduced to prostitution is by being persuaded by "Romeo Pimps". "Romeo Pimps" are the men who sweet talk you into situations and act like nothing is wrong with it (Youth Radio).
Many of the girls who are thrown or introduced into prostitution, usually have no way of escaping. Pimps would keep eyes on them twenty-four-seven, and if not themselves, they would have partners to keep a look out on them, so no escape would be possible.
Many people are so quick to judge a person by their actions and life style, but don't know the history. It is one of the worlds oldest professions and still stands strong in our country today. Prostitution has been around since the Sumerian times dating all the way back to 2400 B.C. Prostitution was first introduced to America in the 16th century during the Colonial times when the British invaded America. During the 1700s, prostitutes started to invade the cities of Boston and New York. On July 5, 1870, The Board of Health gained power through an act called The Social Evil Ordinance that allows and "requires registration" for prostitutes to be examined; and licenses brothels. The Social Evil Ordinance was then removed in the year of 1874 by the Missouri state legislature. In the year of 1910, The Mann Act or White-Slave Traffic Act was passed on June 25th. This act stopped the transportation of immigrants that were forced into prostitution. The U.S Chamberlin-Kahn Act was passed on July 9th of 1918. This act gave the government permission to confine "any women suspected of having venereal disease" (Connelly). Around 1971, Nevada legalizes prostitution giving eleven counties the "option to license brothels" (Symanski). In the year of 2008, the majority citizens of San Francisco, CA
voted to decriminalize prostitution. Furthermore, prostitution has evolved gradually throughout the years.
Prostitution needs to be taken into consideration just like any other high rate crime. Legalizing prostitution would only bring more problems to the society. Many people believe that
legalizing prostitution will help our economy, but many may also think otherwise. This topic is often ignored and never taken seriously. The main cause why many individuals are in this predicament is due to their childhood, financial problems, and going against their freedom of choice.

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