Prostitution Should Be Legalized In Our Society

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“All occupations are equally honorable”, the phrase will be sympathized people who work for earning money. Our society is composed of complex structure with many jobs. Each occupation performs properly. However, many people do not think that all occupations are equal. People sometimes discriminate the importance of occupations. Typical example of discrimination about occupation in Korea is that most of the parents hope their children to be a doctor than to be a cleaning person. In many countries, this trend has been raised for few years ago. Then, cleaning man or any other occupations are trivial? They do not need to our society? Absolutely no, every occupation has its worth. How about prostitute? Although some people might think that prostitution is dirty job, prostitution is also one of the important jobs which are composing our society. Devaluation on prostitute recognition should be changed. This essay deals with reasons why prostitution should be allowed and what are the advantages of prostitution.
First reason that prostitution should be legalized is for women’s right. As upper mentioned, prostitution is a kind of occupations. According to research among the women, some women said that they take advantages from prostitution for way of earning money. For instance, Kenny, an American woman, is a mother of two daughters. She interviewed that she prostitutes by herself for money. However, she said that she have never felt unpleasantness or humiliation to her occupation. Rather, she thanks to her occupation and satisfies with it. Also owing to her job, she can make a living with her two daughters. Likewise, prostitution can be a way of earning money for people who are not easy to work professional jobs. Moreover, American law consents that adults can have sex when they want, and make a nice salary for doing so. This is so-called Pornography. Another problem related to women’s right is women’s security. If prostitution is legalized, women can work more safely. Most of red-light district’s environment is very poor. Surely, there are some high qualities of red-light districts. However, according to research by Asian news, most of red-light districts’ environment in Asian countries or developing countries is poor for women to work. Main reason for this poor environment is illegality of prostitution. As prostitution is illegal, supplier do not have to offer high quality service to customers. For instance, Australia, Switzerland and some Europe countries legalized prostitution. These countries’ environment of red-light district is clean and price is also cheap. However, many Asian countries where prostitution is illegalized have poor conditions and services of red-light district and price is also expensive. Likewise, prostitution cannot disappear. In any way, prostitution will be run. If prostitution is legalized, women can work more convenient and safely under the monitoring of government. Also, women’s free and right also can be guaranteed. Last,...

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