Protandim: A Cure For Free Radicals?

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Vitamins, antioxidants, oxidative stress, free radicals. Maybe those are terms you have never heard before. Many people do not know what all that means, including myself, until I took an interest in my own personal health a few years ago. Of course I know what vitamins and antioxidants are, but free radicals and oxidative stress, I had no clue. Once I discovered what they were I was amazed at the fact that free radicals and oxidative stress had such a tole on humans in general. Not just unhealthy people but also people who think they are in the best shape of their life's. The thing about it is everyone has free radicals and oxidative stress developing in their bodies, its part of life, its also known as aging. Ring a bell? Free radicals are produced by oxidative stress which is the leading cause to many degenerative diseases and cancers (Wikipedia) Free radicals are atoms, molecules, or ions with unpaired electrons on an open shell configuration. Free radicals may have positive, negative, or zero charge. With some exceptions, the unpaired electrons cause radicals to be highly chemically reactive. (Wikipedia) Free radicals running rampart around in your body attack your DNA, similar to what water does to metal if it is in contact with it for a long period of time, it rusts. We know this process as oxidation. Free radicals are caused by doing daily activities like walking, exercising, working, eating and even breathing. It does not matter who you are, if you are alive and breathing your body is creating free radicals. A study done by Dr Joe McCord, found that our bodies create over 26,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, that is septillion, everyday (Protandim). Doctors would tell us to take vitamins and antioxidants to neutralize those free radicals, or for a lack of better words, to kill them. Today nearly anything you buy contains some sort of antioxidants. You can not go down the grocery store aisle without seeing a product on the shelf that says, “Now with antioxidants!” So as the consumer we get excited because just like our doctor said “better take more antioxidants to get rid of those free radicals” So we buy everything we can that contains antioxidants. For those that do not know what an antioxidant is, they are a molecule that is capable of inhibiting the oxidation of other molecules. Starting to make sense? Consuming vitamins, oranges, chocolate, red wines and other foods/vitamins that have antioxidants in it are referred to as direct antioxidants or conventional antioxidants, because they a being put directly into the human body. Taking direct antioxidants neutralizes or “kills” free radicals at a ratio of 1:1. So for every direct antioxidant molecule it kills one radical molecule. Remember how many the human body creates on a daily basis? Now Direct antioxidants do not sound so impressive. By taking a health supplement called Protandim, it can reduce oxidative stress in a much more effective way then conventional antioxidants can, giving...

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