Protect Animals, Not Death Row Inmates

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Should we protect the rights of guilty humans or innocent animals? A commonly debated topic in America today is whether we should use death row inmates or animals as test subjects for products that could potentially cause harm to the subject. There are many good points why both are wrong, but if one life can benefit the entire population, then surely we can all agree that taking that life is worth the risk. Using death row inmates as test subjects could be a bigger help to the human race instead of using animals. Death row inmates should be used as test subjects instead of animals because they forfeited their rights, and using humans gives a better idea of how the product will affect other humans.
When a human kills another human being, they forfeit all of their basic human rights. We kill, burn, cripple, or poison over 100 million animals each year in the United States alone. These animals are innocent, but are having their quality of life either ruined or taken from them for the benefit of humans. Ninety-two percent of the drugs that were found to be safe on animals after experiments, ended up failing in human trials because they were not safe for humans (11 Facts About Animal Testing). There is an easy way to find out what drugs will work on humans without making innocent animals suffer through the torture of being tested on. The solution to this would be to use inmates who are sitting on death row, waiting to die, as test subjects for products instead of animals. These inmates are going to die anyway, so humankind might as well get some benefit from them before they die. The average death row inmate sits on death row for at least a decade, but some can sit on death row for over twenty years (Babcock, Sandra). It makes no sense to waste so many of America’s tax dollars to house, feed, and cloth these criminals who are just waiting to die. A better solution would be to get some benefit out of a human who has forfeited their rights instead of wasting their time and our tax dollars. However, some people would argue that every human still has God given rights, no matter what crime they have committed.
Death row inmates should not be used for experiments because they could be proven innocent and there could be a chance for rehabilitation. The eighth amendment to the constitution protects people from having to suffer through cruel and unusual punishment (United States Constitution). Some people argue that it would be inhumane to force criminals to suffer through the excruciating pain and humiliation of being test subjects. Death row inmates can be found to be innocent after being sentenced to death row. Since the death penalty has been instituted, there have been 144 cases where the inmate on death row was later found to be innocent (“The Innocence List”). This means that if these inmates had been used for experiments they would have suffered for no reason at all. It is good that it takes so long for the death penalty to be enforced because...

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