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Protect Your Business Against The Use Of Disputes

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The article on protecting your business against employment litigation is written by Jennifer Lim in Asia magazine (HR Asia) Number 20, 2013 , on page 48. In this article , the author explains the importance of business management to document all employees from particular they enter the business until they leave the company.

The author explained that most employers do not realize how important the employee 's personnel file should be saved , accurate and current , until the company was sued by the employee to the issue of staff dissatisfied. However, the personnel file of an employee to help employers overcome the problem especially in the legal aspects .

The personnel file of an employee is on a historical time line of the life cycle of an employee was hired by their company until the end of service in this business . Most of the organization or the private sector or the public sector is to take for granted their employees personal file until they face the legal issue of their employees. So as human resource personnel in the organization , they have documented and updated on all employees, including employees in particular (CV) , in an emergency , payroll , disciplinary record etc.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM ) said that there has been an exponential increase in employment related lawsuits over the last decade. According to SHRM , companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Soaring disputes the employee is credited with new laws that were established in the early 1990s, as the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Civil Rights Act of 1991. Employees are much more educated and aware of their rights to sue an employer for information on the prosecution of employees is disseminated through the mass media.

Establish policies and

After the established management strategies of the organization, including mission, vision , purpose and so on , the next steps management must establish or research is in the rules and procedures of the organization included in the legal aspects . Policies and procedures that management should consider are the human resources policies such as recruitment , qualification , salary, length of service or temporary employee for a certain period or directly as a permanent employee and etc. Apart this, the rules should also stated how employees can access their personal files to ensure that all data is correct and date. It is also important to ensure that the employer handle employee data .

All policies and procedures should be explained in detail and clearly without double meaning or not clearly explained . However, policies and procedures should align with federal and state laws and government policies. If not, the organization will face a problem in terms of breaking the laws of the government.

Policies and procedures that have been put in place can also help management to execute the " equity management " in the organization . Manager may well explain the...

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