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The internet opens a whole new world to explore with unlimited boundaries reachable by anyone including our children. A parent's involvement and monitoring of children can limit the unnecessary involvement that our children may get into while on the internet. The amount of teenagers that use the internet has grown 24% in the last four years and most are between the ages of 12 to 17 (Hitlin 2005). A survey done on 1100 teens and their parents showed that 65% of the parents and 64% of the teens did things online that they wouldn't want their parents knowing they did (Lenhart 2005). So just these two facts can show that we as parents need to be more involved in when and how we let out children surf the internet. We as parents know how easy it is to access anything on the internet for us, so our children as well can access these same things if we don't monitor them more closely.Internet porn is one major concern that we need to protect our children from as they are online. Our children don't have to be looking for porn to stumble upon it. I was in college at campus one time looking up info on the internet and clicked a harmless link and it took me to a porn site, even after I clicked the close button to shut the site off other porn sites would keep popping up. The only way I was able to get it to stop was to shut my computer down. So this is just an example of how easy it is to access porn. Children like to download music online and look up info on the latest music stars, movie stars or he latest craze out. Searching for Britney Spears using file swapping service Aimster, 70% of resulted files contain some sort of pornographic material (Sanders 2001).Instant messaging is another popular internet tool that is beneficial to our children but can also be dangerous. Internet predators prey on our children through this tool and often pretend to be their friend and know how to lure children in with gifts and even money. Microsoft shut down its chat rooms in 28 countries in 2003 due to concerns about sexual predators (Rupley 2004). If any of you have seen the recent shows about sexual predators we all know how easy it is to manipulate children into meeting, when most children think they are meeting someone who cares for them, in all actuality they are meeting perverts. The popular website My Space has been hard hit recently with media attention due to information easily obtained as well as what some teens post on their profiles. This is a sexual predator's heaven in getting info on teens because you can post your info, your name, the school you attend, your address, cell phone numbers and more. When dateline surfed My Space they found pictures of teens drinking, posing in nude pictures, simulating sex and some even having it (Stafford 2006). I did a search on My Space while researching information and was surprised at how some teens expose themselves online and how they put up advertisements for meeting sexual predators. I found a friend of mine who I...

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