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Capital punishment is a necessary means of removing perpetrators that commit vile acts upon other human beings. Since no perpetrator that has ever been condemned to death, and an execution carried out, has the power to commit murder again . In simple form a dead perpetrator can no longer kill. For example, convicted child murder, Danny Rouse was paroled after twenty-six years of imprisonment. Upon his release Rouse strangled and stabbed a sixteen year old female co-worker ( If Rouse was put to death, the death of an innocent girl could have been prevented.
I believe the death penalty should be used not as a punishment, but to remove individuals, whose acts are so destructive that they invalidate the right to life. By removing these individuals you take away their power, voice, and in some cases influence over others. Many people use the argument of morality when opposing the death penalty; my question is, does the perpetrator show signs of morals when committing these acts? In some cases, the death penalty may be used as a deterrent, but to an irrational mind there is often no self control or fear of consequences.
In my opinion, offenders should be put to death for the following reasons: treason, serial killings, hate crimes, rape, imprisonment, kidnapping, human trafficking, and slavery. Although there are some exceptions to the above infractions, I feel they constitute the use of the death penalty. In addition, the death penalty should be instituted in all states, and there should be limitations put on the number of appeals, and...

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1506 words - 6 pages ): 342.Markman, Stephen J. "Protecting the Innocent: A Response to the Bedau-Radelet Study." Stanford Law Review (1988): 41.U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. Washington Report. 1996. 26 May 2001. U.S. Department of Justice. Crime in the United States. Washington, D.C., 1999.Zorn, Eric. "Dudley Sharp, Capital Punishment Advocate." Chicago Tribune Sept. 1994. 27 May 2001. Capital Punishment First of all, capital punishment is constitutional. The 8th

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