Protecting The Symbol Of Our Country On June 12,1997 The Flag

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Protecting The Symbol of Our Country

On June 12,1997 the Flag Amendment was passed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 310 to 114. The Amendment gives Congress the right to prevent the physical desecration of the American flag. “Today’s vote is strong evidence that the voice

Protecting The Symbol of Our Country

On June 12,1997 the Flag Amendment was passed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 310 to 114. The Amendment gives Congress the right to prevent the physical desecration of the American flag. “Today’s vote is strong evidence that the voice of the American people has been heard and heeded by the US House of Representatives”(Flag Alliance, Inc. 1), says Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, who is the head of the Citizens Flag Alliance(CFA). Today, forty-nine state legislatures have made it clear to Congress that they want flag protection laws. However, not everyone is in favor of these laws. These “radicals” or “revolutionists” as they like to call themselves, feel that burning the flag is their constitutional right under the first amendment: freedom of speech. (You might want to go ahead and establish your thesis here. It shows up in the next paragraph, and that's okay too though.)

I strongly support the flag protection amendment. “The flag is a symbol of our great nation and all that we stand for. No other American symbol has been as universally honored or has bestowed such honor as the flag”(Flag Alliance, Inc. 1), says Rep. William Lipinski of Illinois. Those who destroy the flag, or view it as just a design on a piece of cloth lack the understanding of our nations(AP) history, and take their American citizenship for granted. They burn the flag only to get attention, or because they are angry with the government, and see it as a way of getting back at them. My solution to these people who are aggravated with our government is to move somewhere else. Try living in China or Cuba, and see if you agree with the way they run their government. When you burn the flag you break the chains that holds you together in unity with the rest of the nation. (This is a pretty extreme metaphor. You need to clearly establish why the desecration of the flag is so damaging. Also, look at your solution. It is also extreme. Will you effectively convince people who don't agree with you by being so extreme? Some drama and emotion is good. But remember that your audience will expect you to show open-mindedness as well.)

An astonishing eighty-one percent of Americans are in favor of the amendment. This number shows how much of an affect the flag has on our country.(Good stat. Although if the flag is really so important, why should it be astonishing that so many people support the amendment?) We see it as a symbol of our freedom. If a law passed that allowed flag burning, it would be detrimental to most of our citizens, especially those soldiers who risked their lives to ensure the...


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