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The U.S. and Mexican border is a line drawn on a map and along with many other borders all around the world. That line can signify a difference on each side which can be a difference as from black to white. Within the U.S. and Mexican border along with other nations this border is commonly the difference between the United States growing into a superpower which entitles things as a better life of the people, better living, better conditions, more rights, and so forth . Within the Mexican side of the border, the people are living in such conditions which it’s astronomical in the living differences, the people there starve live day by day in situations. Americans making a minimum wage of $ 7.50 here to the Mexican wage as 54.80 pesos which is roughly $ 4.18 American dollars.
The Native Americans people have settled all across the border which stretches from the west from the ocean the whole ways to the Gulf of Mexico. When the Spaniards came and conquered much of the Mexican and American lands, there was mixed breeding between the 2 cultures which would become known as the Meztinos and would practice they combined religions and cultures. There were broad ranges of ethnic diversity ranging from Jews, Blacks, and Chinese. When WW2 came along many the American government needed an Agriculture society since many Americans went to the war. This was called the Brancero Program and usually lasted from 1942-1964 which was manly for seasonal work. But when the time came back from the Mexicans to go back home the numbers did not account for when they returned. Many stayed in the American side to inhabit that culture and live a better life with pay.
Such programs as the Mexican National Border Economic Development Program from 1961-1965, which soon after another Program started which was the Industrialization Program of the Border in 1965. From these Programs and setups from the governments many Mexicans were flooded with the chance to make a real life and to support their family the best way possible.
From the begging of time American wanted and needed more land either from the government needs, to the people that looked for a new kind of adventure and freedom from the busy upcoming new America had brought from the east coast. The west had gold and silver and a lot of other natural metals that brought the attention from other countries and ethnic groups. From the area of the entire modern day Mexican bored and US border had a lot of silver discovers from the 16th century to the 19th century. The area was technically a Spanish owned colony but with no one virtually there to guard it and no one was there to settle or tell others otherwise the area was up for grabs.
Mexico finally gained independence from Spain and with hopes of creating a area which so the Americans couldn’t live and settle in their land they would have Mexicans that have lived in the Areas they were once familiar with to the north so the Americans would understand the bored between...

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