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Privacy is, as shown in the Minority Report, a huge staple of a person’s individuality. It gives someone the right to stay unknown and safe. The invasion of privacy can be a huge deal in the modern world we live in. This invasion can scare people, have the potential to lose friends or family, and on certain levels come with a jail sentencing. The Minority Report is a movie of the future, having “precogs” showing vision of the future. They movie is about stop crimes of the future and using all sorts of technology to catch the criminals. The main character has to fight his way through to prove he did not do a crime they predicted. This is virtually unreal, as the technology is advanced beyond belief. One drastic surgery he does is removing his eyes and replacing them with some other man’s eyes. In the end of the movie, he is proven to be innocent and was setup. This led to the end of precognition and predicting crimes because there was ways of going around the system. It is known, as of today, no one wants their personal belongings, ideas, and conversations out in the open waiting for the many eyes and ears to see or listen. People are willing to tell about themselves, yet at the same time they enjoy their identities being anonymous. Privacy has seemed to be prevalent on the internet and there is issues regarding the privacy of the internet. One specific topic need to be known, as it seems to grow and expand by millions every day, is how to stay private on the social networking site, Facebook. There will be an active viewpoint on how Facebook and privacy intertwine. Facebook is one of the most open online sites in the social networking world and knowing what the facts are on the site, the process of staying safe on a daily basis, and how to stay private will be offered persuasively.
Facebook is the new hot and running website which is sweeping not just the United States, but the world. The social networking site was created in 2005 by a Harvard college student, Mark Zuckerburg. This new and innovating site started to surpass, in popularity, the well-known and used site called MySpace. Facebook was originally used by college students across the world. Eventually the younger crowds of high school started learning about the site and using it as well. As of now the site seems open to everyone that has a computer along with the internet. The site has now attracted the older generation; these accounts are starting to be made by the millions ever day. With the popularity there can be a couple known facts thrown out to the public. The population of Facebook users has jumped to 150 million people. The average Facebook users have 120 friends, 15 million users update their status daily, 850 million photos are uploaded to Facebook by an array of users, and 24 million pieces of content are shared with between users each month. (Inside Facebook)
Privacy on Facebook seems to be a reoccurring problem as the day’s progress. When...

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