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“Protecting Yourself Against Sexual Crimes” Essay

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Multimedia, everybody loves it, weather its Music, Movies, Video Games, Pictures etc. we all enjoy it. You would usually or typically buy your music, movies, video games or photos online, from some online media service, such as iTunes or Amazon .etc. or at a movie store, or at Wal-Mart. Nothings free weather you’re paying 99 cents for a song or $20.00 for a new Movie that just came out, it’s not free.

Sometimes, you might let your friend borrow your movie or something, and then they might lend it to their friend, it might seem like it was free, but it wasn’t you still had to pay for it. There are some people who choose not to pay for their media, and usually obtain their content through the internet for free from file sharing websites.

There are the people who download the content, and then there are the people who upload the content (illegally) this is called piracy which, is illegal. There are people who believe that multimedia should be free and shared, there are lots of places, and websites that believe this and host copyrighted content illegally, But there is this one certain website that dwells in and believes in multimedia being free and shared, they are called The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay or TPB for short is a website that was launched 8 years ago; it is dedicated to providing free multimedia like, Music, Movies, Video Games and Software. This media is provided by files called Torrents, which are downloaded and put in a torrent manger. The use of torrents is based on file sharing; the way it works is that, somebody downloads a file and then when somebody else downloads the file again, it is downloaded from the first person who downloaded it, this is called file sharing.

The people who use their computers to share the file are called “seeders”; the people who just download the file and don’t seed are called “leeches”. Pirate Bay is all about providing free stuff. The Pirate Bay is a Swedish website set up and hosted by Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Fredrik Neij and Peter Sunde. The Pirate Bay is the 77th most visited website in the world and they have over 4 million torrents on their website.

The Pirate Bay is a prime example of a website that hosts illegal content. The Pirate Bay hosts millions of pirated content which is illegal. They have gotten in trouble several times. The people who mostly resent and hate the Pirate Bay is the MPAA and the Music industry, The Pirate Bay having all of this content available for free, causes them to lose millions of dollars. Instead of somebody buying a movie from iTunes or...

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