Security Sector Reform And A Sustainable Peace

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In the modern world, with Democracy in an upward advance in countries like our own, the world is a huge battle field. The people of countries all around the world are in uproar, looking at the free society that the United States has and using it as its light house, directing it in the right direction, with their own input and ideals. These uproars are commonly known as revolutions, which usually end in the death of many thousand innocent lives fighting for their own right to govern themselves. These rebellions come about because of how the prior government has handled things related to the people, like in Communist or Socialist governments. People in those instances are stuck where they are born, no raise in social class or job title, they are put where the states requires them to be. In a Federal Republic, like the United States has, people have the choice in what they want to do with their lives, and they have their own power to do so. This is the trait in a government that all people want, they want to be able to have complete control over their lives, so they will go to great expenses to achieve it, even war. When a revolution is won, and the old government is pushed to the curb, there is one issue that must be resolved, what to do with the old standing army. The solution is Security Sector Reform, though this isn’t the only use for this practice, it is the most common.

Initially, Security Sector Reform can come in many different policies, that attend to different situations at hand, and what the extent of the people are rooting for. First we must define the topic of Security Sector Reform, “Strengthening the institutional framework for managing the security sector involves three broad challenges: (a) to ensure the proper location of security activities within a constitutional framework defined by law and to develop

security policies and instruments to implement them; (b) to build the capacity of policy makers to effectively assess the nature of security threats and to design strategic responses supportive of wider development goals; and (c) to

strengthen mechanisms for ensuring security sector accountability by enabling the state and non-state actors responsible for monitoring security policy and enforcing the law to fulfill their functions effectively” (Hendrickson, Dylan, and Andrzej Karkoszka.). These forms include: Forces authorized to use force, Security management and oversight bodies, Justice and law enforcement institutions, Non-statutory security forces, all of which have been used in the past century for multiple occasions, depending solely on the people. The most effective being, Security Management and oversight bodies, this being the institution of a President, Ministerial Association, etc.. the reason for this being so successful is because the people are in the campaigns, and are able to vote for their desired political leader. This gives them the right to choose how they want to be governed,...

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