Safety Technolgy In Vehicles Essay

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Safety technology in vehicles
“Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent chance takers are accident makers” ( Over the years, vehicles have become safer, and have been pushed to become more advanced and helpful. Safety systems are beneficial because they help avoid accidents, such as good steering, brakes, Traction Control and ABS.
Safety technology can help save lives, if the drivers know how to use it. This technology helps people drive safe, keeps you alert, and protects you and other drivers. It also stops or tries to avoid an accident, helps reduce high speed crashes. In order to make driving safe for young and old people carmakers are looking into safety technology to reduce injuries and death rates ("Safety").
Cars have come a long way and are the safest now then they have ever been, but more work can be done. With lane departure warning systems it helps you avoid hitting someone in your blind spot. Also it helps you not wander out of your lane. They are like a high-tech version of rumble strips that make noise if you are about to drive off a road (Tellem). Some carmakers even equip their vehicles with night vision. That could be found on more expensive carmakers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, etc. Most automakers offer an electronic stability control system, and some offer a preparation system seatbelts tighten, rollbars extend. However, what we are talking about is more intelligent than that. If the system senses a potential rollover such as if you whip around a corner too fast or swerve sharply, it will apply the brakes and modulate throttle as needed to help you maintain control. Chrysler calls it Electronic Roll Mitigation, Ford named it Roll Stability Control, and GM's is Proactive Roll Avoidance. Range Rover's is Active Roll Mitigation, and Volvo's is called Roll-Over Protection System. But they all have the same goal. All humans are not created equal, and airbags are evolving to compensate in the form of low-risk, multistage and occupant-sensitive deployment. Technology can now sense the different sizes and weights of occupants as well as seatbelt usage, abnormal seating position such as reaching for the radio or bending to pick something off the floor, rear-facing child seats and even vehicle speed. While driver, passenger and side curtain airbags are nothing new, sensing airbags are popping up everywhere (Tellem).
Warning systems in vehicles alert you or tells you if cars or objects are in your blind spot during driving, parking or both. With blind spot/ side assist technology, it judges an approaching vehicles speed and distance to warn you and tell you if its safe or not to switch lanes. In the new Mercedes-Benz theres a new warning system called Attention assist. Attention assist records the first 70 adjustments in the first minutes of a drive to get to know your unique driving style. As the driver continues driving, it can detect certain steering corrections to determine ones drowsiness. It then looks...

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