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Protective Coloring : Do Animals Change Their Color To Be Protected?

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Some scholars assert that animals change its color in response to their environment because changing color is easiest way to cause optical illusion and do not need much time for hiding themselves from predators. Although this thesis is embroiled in controversy,new idea came up which rebut previous theory.It contains the idea thatprotection could not be just one clear explanation of animals changing theircolors because some researchers have found out that most animals are color blind. Their color works as a visual signal of mood or the process of evolution. To back up this opinion the explanation of animal’s physical difficulty will be discussed.As mentioned above, this thesis is very controversial. Most people believed existing theory; animal changes its color in order to protect itself. Nevertheless, the new theory, which is protection is not only reason to change its color, had more evidences that can verified, so many scholar is now fuel to new theory. Now let’s compare existing theory and new theory for approach to the fact.
Many people Zoological scientists have insisted animals change its color to blend itself with its surroundings and therefore escape the attention of predators or preys. For example, the white fur of polar bears helps them in becoming less visible on the snow when they go in search of ringed seals used by them as their food. Toad is another example. Most toads have dull coloration - browns, greens, grays - to help camouflage them in their environment. However, those statements can be denied due to physical difficulty.A major factor that confute the theory of protective coloring is that most animals do not have proficient ability to distinguish colors as human beings do. Animals and humans have rods and cones in their eyes that enable them to see color. The ability of an animal to see color depends on the color receptors in the retina of the eye. Some animals have less cones or more rods. Color blindness affects animals from birds to pets to sea animals. Therefore, we can find the statement saying animal changes its color to be protected very unconvincing.
.In spite ofthe fact that color and protection have no such a connections, It is obvious that animals can slightly change their color taking long time as an evolutionary process.The tiger’s vertical stripes would...

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