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Protein Intake For A Tennis Player Athlete

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The individual taken in consideration during this course is a 17 year old tennis player, about 5’10’’ or 1.80 Cm. weighting 170 pounds or about 77 Kg.Tennis requires broad endurance capacity, with an ability to perform short bursts of high-intensity exercise combined with stages of lighter intensity or also rest. It is common for tennis matches to last one to 4 hours and played in very hot and humid conditions (1). Modern tennis players have become power athletes and have developed structures where muscles and power in general are necessary to keep up with the pace of the contemporary game. Unlike sprinters who must have a majority of type 2 muscle fibers, or endurance athletes who must have a majority of type 1 muscle fibers, tennis players have been shown to be varied between being either predominantly fast or predominantly slow fiber-type athletes (2). The body fat percentages of most tennis players are considered low when compared with the general population. It is recommended that tennis players would have a body-fat percentages of <12% for males and <23% females. Tennis players, due to the start-stop discontinuous nature and inconsistent length of play, have a complex nutrition physiology. According to the literature, it is my understanding that recommendation about protein intake for athletes varies according to the sources but also according to the researcher’s opinion (3). I found this topic to be controversial and somewhat confusing. Muscle tissue is about 15 to 20 percent protein, in order to maintain the power and the strengths, modern tennis players need to pay attention to protein intake. Protein intake for athletes would vary according to the type of exercise, length of the exercise session and outside weather conditions. Protein intake should be calculated and taken very seriously because the amount not utilized by the body, is stored as carbohydrate or fat. My daily recommendation for my athlete, according to his age, gender, and type of training, would be of about 1.2-g/kg, between 90 and 95 grams of protein (5, 6).If my athlete were a vegan, I would slightly modify my recommendations, taken in consideration other variables. A vegetarian diet is a plant-based diet that consists of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes. According to the literature, it seems that there are many different vegetarian diets. The “vegan” diet is one of the two main types. The true vegan avoids all animal products and often shoes a deficiency of vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium and zinc (8). The ADA opinion on vegetarian athletes (all types of vegetarian including vegans) is that they are able to obtain all the proper nutrients and proteins from plant-based foods (8, 10). When comparing the different opinions and different suggestions of the various national associations, it seems that there is not a unified vision on this subject (10).Because additional research is needed in order to verify if indeed...

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